Friday, April 27, 2012

SID a Breeze w/SR - who knew...?

I simply cannot get over how easy it is to stitch-in-the-ditch (SID) with my 'new' stitch regulator (SR) - this is absolutely amazing!:

Easy-peasy SID w/mono-filament and my SR

Just look at those 'invisible' stitches - I think mono-filament and Betty are going to become best friends...

Even the back looks great!  Betty & I are in hog heaven - 
as we say down on the farm ;-)

OK, now to go back and 'quilt in' the borders with a nice flowing feather design and I think I have one all picked out.  I'll catch up w/you later...

UPDATE 4/28/2012:  Here's the quilted borders:

Here's the front of the border w/mono-filament clear thread...

To get the 'puckery vintage look', I used Warm & Natural batting - an all cotton bat, and didn't pre-wash my fabrics until after everything had been quilted and the binding applied which as you all know, allows it to shrink and pucker at the same time giving the quilt a nice homespun vintage look.

...and here's the back.

I actually used unbleached muslin for the back, but the flash on my camera must've lightened up the photos.

Prior to laundering - no puckers.

Pink Lemonade Quilt - all finished and bound ;-)

Time to get back to the FUN!


  1. What brand of monofilament are you using? I've never tried it in the quilter, but used to use it a lot when I did quilting on the domestic machine.

  2. Hey Miss Katie,
    I use Superior's MonoPoly size .0004 monofilament, same as what I used to use in my table top domestic machine - works great! I do put a net over it if its on a cone otherwise stacked spools I put on a horizontal spool holder like Superior's video states, (my blog, lower right-hand corner ;-) and I use polyester in my bobbins like So Fine, Maxi-lock, Omni or Bottom Line, all seem to work fine w/MonoPoly.

    Good Luck!