Tuesday, April 24, 2012

SR Fixed - Let The Games Begin...!

Alrighty then - Mike at HQ fixed my stitch regulator (SR) over the phone in less than 15 minutes!  And who's at fault - yours truly for plugging in the wrong computer board piece when I upgraded my carriage in January, (I plugged in the 'green' piece, should've plugged in the blue one - who knew?! could've sworn I needed the green one and I even had the blue one plugged in at one time and still couldn't get it to work!)  Anyway, the upgrades arrived, the 'blue' piece is now plugged in and it works like a jet - YES!  Check these practice stitches out:

Look at those gorgeous, straight, EVEN stitches - not a single toe nail catcher in the bunch ...;-)

Now I totally 'get' ALL you SR junkies - this is AWESOME! I only got to play with it for about an hour and I'm already hooked...This is like having a brand-new machine - don't know when I'm going to bed tonight/tomorrow, but I'll be up for awhile that's for sure, if I even go to bed!  

My feathers still 'stink', but the stitches look great, don't they??

At least now I can get in some great practice on my feathers without having to worry about the SR acting up and giving me lousy stitches or coming to a complete halt.  I tried repeatedly to make it 'skip stitches', come to a complete stop like it did before, all of it, and it would have none of it - purred like a kitten and kept on truckin'/sewin'.  

This was sooo much FUN!

My feathers already don't 'stink' quite as much w/just a little practice - think how great they'll be in a week?!

Oh, how I love my new machine!

Betty is one happy camper now!

My head is just spinning thinking of ALL the pantos and ruler work and free motion quilting and micro stippling I can now do w/NO worries about uneven stitches.  Now, I can focus on keeping my lines nice and smooth and let the SR take care of the rest....soooo, like I ALWAYS say, time to get back to the FUN!

I'll keep you posted on my progress ;-)



  1. Looking good! I can 'feel' your excitement.

  2. So glad you are happy and having fun with your quilting. My first quilting machine was a HQ 16, now I have a HQ Fusion. Looking forward to seeing more of your quilting!

  3. Thanks! I cannot stop smiling - this is sooo much funner (can I say that) than it even was before, if that's possible ;-)

    Back to it!