Sunday, October 20, 2013

QFC Veteran Quilt #5 - Done & Bound for final destination...

Another Veteran Quilt can now be checked off the list.  QFC SewFest Veteran Quilt #5 is now amongst those quilts.  Another beauty, if I say so myself:

QFC SewFest Veteran Quilt #5 - coming off the frame
I was anxious to quilt this one for a variety of reasons.  Not only had I added 4 luscious borders to this already stunning Gold Star quilt created by those busy QFC ladies, who attended another one of their annual SewFest marathon quilting sessions to make quilt tops for our Veterans, giving me lots of real estate for creative quilting - like feathers, McTavishing, grid quilting, amongst others, but to showcase some yummy threads as well.

Curly-Q Ribbon feathers, McTavishing, and off-set grid quilting applications

Embellished borders w/LOTS of quilting treatments!

Originally, I 'thought' I was going to use at least 3 different colors of thread, including one of my very favorites, Rainbows Patriotic.  But after auditioning a few of my choices, I opted for LAVA Diamond Head and what a great choice that was!

McTavish Quilting w/luscious LAVA Diamond Head

And as an aside, I don't give nearly enough credit.  I purchase about 99% of ALL my threads from them.  If you LOVE exceptional service, w/amazing pricing on a plethora of not only yummy threads, but ALL kinds of sewing/quilting necessities and goodies, then you need to pop over there and check these folks out.  They know what a Red Carpet is and how to roll it out for their customers!  Trust me on this one - you won't regret it...AND, I am in no way affiliated, am NOT being reimbursed/paid to write this - I just know a good thing when I've experienced it over and over and over again, and wish to share ;-).  You are in for a supremely splendid online shopping experience!

Don't know if you noticed, but one of the main reasons I was soooo anxious to quilt this quilt - I wanted to make use of the *©Terry Twist by Sally Terry in ALL the 9 patch blocks!  I knew once I Terry Twisted this entire quilt, I wouldn't necessarily be a ©Terry Twist Pro but, I'd be an experienced one!

In this photo of the back of this quilt, you can really see ALL those '©Terry Twists':

©Terry Twists throughout the entire 9-patch area of the quilt
All the '©Terry Twists' were done freehand - which was a blast.  For those not quite so fearless, Sally offers some really neat ©Terry Twist templates, pattern packs, stencils & downloads that are also FUN to use in borders, etc.  To date, I've only played w/©Terry Twist templates but, I have huge plans for their future!  (*Again, NOT affiliated, just sharing what I use and/or have purchased and plan to use on future quilts ;-).

QFC SewFest Quilt #5 Stats:

UPDATE:  I just stumbled across a really neat McTavishing video by Katherine Ringo on a domestic machine, no less!  Check this out: 

Finished QFC SewFest Veteran Quilt #5!

This gorgeous Gold Star beauty is now officially done, bound, labelled and on it's way...

Quilt ON!


  1. You know I love the Terry Twist but had no idea she had rulers and templates! I am in so much trouble now :-) Great job on this quilt, Deb.