Monday, July 8, 2013

My Frame is FULL!

Received my box of quilt tops from Quilts Beyond Borders and decided to get them ALL loaded:

4 quilts on my frame at the same time - it's FULL!

I've had two quilts loaded at the same time, but never FOUR - that's my All-time record ;-)  And for a good cause, no less.  Quilts Beyond Borders is a great program run by some really wonderful people, and one I urge anyone interested in making quilts for kids, and/or even quilt tops, to give them a good long look.

I practiced my feathers on the first two quilt tops and was having soooo much FUN making feathers I forgot to stop long enough to take pics!  (I'll be sure and snap a few when I finish up and unroll to take them off the frame and post w/updates ;-)

Did have to stop quilting in the wee hours of the monrin' and that's when it occurred to me to take some photos prior to turning in:

               Aren't those some neat chickens?

Having so much FUN with this continuous freehand vining leaf pattern I took from the quilt top itself:

Using a variegated So Fine 40 wt. Walkabout green needle thread, which is quilting out great!

Thinking about using a spiral quilting pattern in the other quilt top but for now, like I always say...

Time to get back to the FUN!

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