Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quilts Beyond Borders coming along...

Just an update on where I am w/Quilts Beyond Borders quilts - two of them got ALL feathered out and are completely quilted/bound/labeled:

Attaching the binding

           Blind stitching the front binding in place

                                                                                                    Back of binding w/corner

Both feathered quilts all finished up w/binding/quilt label

Backs of both feathered quilts - 
not too bad and had a blast quilting these all-over freehand feathers ;-)

And now to finish up the 'vining' blue quilt and the swirl quilt - only 1 1/2 more passes and I'm finished!

Time to get back to it...

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  1. Your feathers look wonderful, Deb! Both quilts turned out really nice.