Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Progress on the 'Fab Five' quilt for the DGD w/Updates...

Behind the scenes, been working on the Fab Five quilt for our super-special DGD, Jade.

Fab Five - Queen size!
The coordinating fabrics are lush and wonderful and play so nicely together!  You may remember the Dr. Who quilt we created a few years ago for same DGD.  Now that she's gotten older and wiser, ;-), time for something a little more mature.  However, I don't see the Dr. Who going anywhere anytime soon!  (After this posting was published, I was reminded by a family member that the Dr. Who quilt was just created last January, 2014 - my how time flies! ;-)

Already made the drapes from the awesome fabrics in the center of this block:

9 picture frame blocks complete
Time to finish piecing the alternating 'filler blocks':

Sewing the four-patch units
Chain piecing the 4-patch units together - only 24 left to go!

UPDATE 7/31/2015 - The Fab Five quilt top is ALL finished and heading for the quilt frame:

Fab Five quilt top completed!
We decided on the Kandinsky panto from UrbbanElementz.com and it is quilting out great!

Kadinsky Panto
Quilting - loooong view ;-)
We're trying something on this panto we've been experimenting with on a few quilts lately and that is...many digital pantos, the kind we use anyway, will print out in a straight line and not 'nest' without quite of bit of fiddling with prior to printing.  Since we do not enjoy that 'straight panto line look', Miss Betty & I have been going back and 'echo quilting' around the finished panto.  We are lovin' this effect.  May be looking into those NEW echo feet HQ just came out with...we'll keep you posted.

UPDATE 8/5/2015:

Echo quilting in between the 'straight rows' of the Kandinsky panto
All echoed and pantoed out ;-)
Fab Five coming off the frame!
Off the frame and ready for binding...

UPDATE 8/10/2015 - Binding:

Fab Five getting bound

UPDATE 8/13/2015 - Fab Five quilt label:

Embroidering that special quilt label for a super-special DGD!
Fab Five FINALLY Finished!

Fab Five ALL Finished and ready to be delivered ;-)
And we're off to deliver!

Time to get back to it...Later,

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