Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Betty's got some New Diggs...

Well, she's FINALLY set up after a few stumbling blocks.  A BIG Thank YOU to Mike & Greg at HandiQuilter for helping me get all the bugs worked out on this new set-up!

And I had forgotten just how long it takes to sort and display thread/rulers/templates/stencils - I don't remember it taking this long to have it 'thrown into a pile' in 5 minutes or less ;-):

And doesn't she look all spiffy in her new Diggs?!

I wish I could tell you that's ALL the thread I have but...I'd be lying.  However, it is 'most' of the quilting thread but remember, I also embroider, sew/serge clothing, etc., sooooo, there's still ALL that thread to be sorted, etc. 

UPDATE 4/5/2013:  Decided to change the way the center thread would be stored and hung shelving, which I like much better:

Re-purposed a vintage cabinet for bobbin thread and bobbins:

              The 3 drawers store ALL my bobbins 

This corner cabinet is great for stashing all that quilting 'stuff'

And Betty and I agree on one thing for sure:

Quilters Rule!

But I just couldn't resist throwing a quilt top on this new frame and start quilting, wouldn't you???:

          Serenity Quilt getting quilted - long overdue!

Adding McTavishing ;-)

  Lookin' good so far...                                             

And now, time to get back to it, including hanging MORE shelving!


UPDATE 11/26/2012:  Hurricane Sandy Quilt #1, The Good Morning Quilt
UPDATE   2/25/2013:  Hurricane Sandy Quilt #2, Renewal
UPDATE   4/03/2013:  Hurricane Sandy Quilt #3, Serenity


  1. I love the natural light from the windows. The space is really coming together and looking good!

  2. Wow Deb, you did such a great job putting this new studio together. It looks great and has such character. Congratulations!
    ~Christina in Cleveland

  3. Thanks Ladies!

    It's definitely a 'work in progress', and I've already made some significant changes from more than one of my original ideas. But I enjoy trying new/different things 'til I get it just right - kind of like quilting, isn't it? ;-)

    Thanks again for such kind words and Please come back again for a visit,

  4. I enjoy reading and seeing your progress. Your McTavishing inspires me. I would like to ask about the roll you have on your take up roller. Mine come up from the back and I see your comes up from the front after the leveler bar. Is there a reason or is it just the way you do it? I have the HQ16 on the upgraded poles. Thank you. Love the new space, by the way.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for all your kind words and for stopping by!

      To answer you question about the direction of my take-up bar - I switched/reversed it 'cause I find it more natural to turn 'clockwise' versus counter-clockwise. And another primary benefit is I no longer have to quilt 'in the well'. This method keeps the quilt straight and tight - works for me ;-)

      I can't take full credit for this idea. While watching Discovery or History channel, they were showing how fabric is woven and dyed, and to keep the fabric straight and tight, this is how it was rolled on rollers throughout the factory and I thought, WOW, that could work soooo, gave it a try and I loved it, works great.

      Originally, Betty was on upgraded studio poles/side supports and carriage w/HQ16. I assembled both of these systems myself and from what I can tell, the frame components are virtually the same w/HQ Avante and studio frame. Switching things around is not that difficult, takes just a few minutes on the hardware, (switch the gear stop, the wheel handle and gear stay the same, reverse the leader so it drops to the 'inside'/counter-clockwise roll to the pole and that's it!)

      You should give McTavishing a try - it's a blast and a real stress-buster for me. Just finishing up The Serenity Quilt w/LOTS of McTavishing as I write...

      Happy Quilting!