Friday, March 22, 2013

Getting Closer to Movin' In...!

Who knew that 'purple foam underlayment' was a pre-requisite to installing a hardwood floor...certainly not me, but I guess it helps with leveling/cushioning/insulating the final floor:

There's only one way to install this stuff - you guessed it...
on one's hands and knees!  The boards help keep the 'purple stuff' from curling up ;-)

If someone would've mentioned to me just how hard it is to lay the first two courses of wood, I probably would have phoned Wood Floor Installers 'R Us 'cause I spent more than 8 hours trying to get those two lined up/level/in place while cutting around 4 of 8 total furnace vents!

And I have the banged up hands/fingers to show for my labors:

This is what happens when one loses their patience and decides to whop a board in place and misses!

Blue painter's tape is not just for painters - 
works great for stopping bleeding 
after a furnace vent scrapes the skin off a knuckle!

But after a somewhat bumpy start, we started to see some significant progress.  I say 'we', because without my youngest son's help, I would still be up there laying planks! A BIG Thank YOU, Mr. B!!!

Making some serious progress:


Closing in on a finish line:

Remember this space - where the kitchenette will go ;-)

None of this would be possible - at least not as easily or quickly without one of my favorite tools, Chucky:

He's 'cheddar' in color and a 12" chop saw soooo, 
the name Chucky just seemed logical

Chucky came with Tom, the table saw as part of my Christmas this past year Thanks to the hubs - I like them 'almost' as much as my Betty Boop quilting machine (Please, don't tell Betty!)

And, tah dah:

Won't Betty look gorgeous sitting on this walnut floor??!!

And now, off to install that trim so Betty Boop can FINALLY get to her final place of glory...


PS...thought I'd share my secret weapon:

Dark chocolate Espresso Beans!

My oldest daughter sends these to me from Boston for ALL major holidays - just got a fresh batch for my Bday last week, Thank Goodness...Thank YOU Miss J!!!


  1. Oh, looking sooo good!!! And aren't power tools just wonderful?!

  2. Thanks, Miss Katie and YES! Love my power tools - don't know how I ever got along without them ;-)