Monday, March 11, 2013

Another Monday Mash-up w/Construction Updates...YEAH!

And yet another Monday Mash-up, this time w/long over-due construction updates to my quilting studio...YES!  Finally, starting to see some serious progress - I was beginning to think we would NEVER finish anything on this project.  At least now I can say/brag the bath is completely finished w/trim, running water w/sink:

Bath entryway - and YES, I personally spent more than 12 hours 
hanging this door in a 2" x 6" door frame!

Bath vanity and matching medicine cabinet from Kirchner's,
w/running water via Morgan's Plumbing...Thank YOU!

         and even bath towels and...                                          

                                                             ALL trim and barn siding - fancy and ...Kirchner's Building Center

Betty ready for showering

While the bath is FINALLY  completed, the rest of the studio still needs some work:

Eventually, there will be a small kitchenette here after the floor is installed, 
for now it is the designated work area for wood cutting/sanding/staining/sealing

Hardwood floor ready to be installed - awaiting a few more crucial pieces

This is where Betty Boop will go under the studio lighting 
in front of two west facing windows once the floor is in...

Yep, there's already a broken window and I was nowhere in sight when it happened.  Apparently, improper installation of the window raiser handles (is that a real term?) causes the windows to become damaged by the screws from the handle.  I am promised a new window soon!  We actually had a local Priest come to see our windows for possible installation in a rectory - Betty and I felt honored.  He even liked the red ceilings and just so ya'll know, Yes - we did put Betty 'under wraps' in the bath while Father John was visiting ;-)

And now just got the Lake Blue batik fabric in the mail:

Lake Blue and Chocolate batik for Hurricane Sandy Quilt #3, the Serenity Quilt borders w/bleached muslin

Serenity Quilt center pieced, ready for borders!
Time to add those borders...


PS...Please help me wish a very special online quilter, 'Phyllis' a belated Happy Birthday!  Phyllis turned 84 years young this past Saturday and has been quilting for 72 years!!  Since 2007, Phyllis has quilted around 200 quilts on her Voyager, most for charitable projects - way to go Phyllis, you do all of us quilters proud!!!  

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  1. That bathroom is awesome - and a kitchenette in your studio??? Lucky lady - I'd probably never leave! I love the Serenity quilt - those batiks are so nice. And
    Happy Birthday to Phyllis