Friday, September 21, 2012

Mystery QOV Quilt-a-long Top finished...Updates on Quilting Studio

Got my version of Alycia's Mystery QOV Quilt-a-long top finished and I really like it!  Here's a not-so-good pic of it:

QOV Mystery Quilt-a-long top - ready to be quilted!

Again, I'll probably have to revise how I quilt this since I not only changed fabrics, I also attached the outside borders a little differently than is given in Alycia's instructions over at  But that's ok, I love to improvise and get creative...that's what I call FUN!  (I just hope Alycia doesn't mind too much ;-)

I had planned on having quite a bit more done by today, including having my dog quilt all pieced and on the frame but life (mine) had other plans.  My plumber FINALLY decided to come back and pick up where he left off over 7 WEEKS ago.  But I am NOT complaining this day, since there is some progress to see so, I took time out to take a few pics.  Here we go:

First level garage - getting the second level (quilting studio) plumbing installed in the ceiling, FINALLY!

Lots of trim, some stained, some waiting for the plumber to finish...

2nd level - this is where the Sewing/Quilting studio will be...someday ;-)
Yep, that's a RED corrugated metal ceiling - the carpenter's installed it, I painted it.
When everything gets finished up, there will be a dark walnut hardwood floor.
The patio doors lead out to a second story tip-out deck 
that is almost finished, waiting to be stained.

Betcha didn't know I could wallpaper, did ya?

and lay tile (I NEVER want to do this again!) 
The black grout stained my fingers for days, even though I wore rubber gloves.

Yes, another matching RED ceiling in the bath...

...and more of my favorite wallpaper!
The bathroom will be a 1920's theme complete w/Betty Boop paraphernalia

At least the deck is almost finished, just need to stain it 
- hopefully I'll get to that over the next 2 weeks

As you can tell, it's far from finished but at least it's starting to look like it might get finished sometime this century.  Lest we forget, this project was started on February 25, 2012...and I was PROMISED it would be finished NO LATER than Mother's Day with the original projected completion date of Easter weekend, (they must've meant 2013 - silly me!)

And in the middle of all this (I live in the MidWest married to a grain farmer, you probably know where I'm going here) we're having one of the worst droughts in 50 years in our particular area.  Thank goodness for irrigation systems or we probably wouldn't even have a viable corn crop this year.  My husband just told me he spent the better part of the day disking down corn stalks that had NO corn on them - that has NEVER happened in his entire farming career of more than 25 years!  However because of recent rains (3 whole inches in more than 2 weeks, it's a monsoon!) we have more grass growing in our yard now than we've had all summer - I'm spending more time mowing and weed-eating NOW than I have all year - what a world... what a world...

You may be getting a better idea when I say quilting is my stress-buster ;-)  I've actually gotten more quilts quilted this summer (during the drought, that may slow down with the mowing competing for my quilting time) than I have ALL year!  And I've been lovin' learning all these new techniques - even I'm amazed at what one can accomplish in such un-creative circumstances.  I guess that old saying, 'Where there's a will...there's a way', still rings true!

And now, I need to get back to my favorite thing 'cause I've got another quilt to quilt so time to get back to it - pics later in an upcoming blog.


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