Sunday, September 16, 2012

Step 5 Completed of QOV Mystery Quilt-a-long...

Had to step things up a bit to get Step 5 of my QOV Mystery Quilt-a-long finished up before the next clue is revealed on Wednesday, since I've had a request for a Marc Jacobs vest (from Vogue/BurdaStyle) to be completed in time for annual school pics from a very special person.  Nothing like a little pressure to get the old juices flowing ;-)  All the while, I'm also working on the dog quilt for the QFC Boy's home.

I had to change things up a bit because I wanted to use fabrics out of my stash for this Quilt of Valor quilt - mainly due to the fact that I just discovered this particular project a few days ago and really didn't have time to shop for additional materials.  As such, I ended up a little short on some of my fabrics so did the old 'switcheroo' to get things to come out.  I think it turned out ok, don't you?

I'm sure I may have to change up my quilting options as well, but that's OK, I'll still have a good quilt for a very worthy cause and isn't that the main goal?  I did enjoy the chain piecing method that was recommended for construction and will definitely utilize this procedure for future quilts:

Borders already assembled to be chain pieced onto foundation block (above)

You'll have to wait for a future blog post to see progress on the dog quilt - for now, let's just say it's coming along nicely and I need a little nap to continue ;-)

Nighty nite,

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