Thursday, April 13, 2017

Quilting, Quilting and even MORE Quilting! w/Updates

Miss Betty & I have been having soooo much FUN quilting, we kinda forgot to post...ooops!

Miss Betty & I have been busy...QUILTING!  10+ and counting!!

So, without further ado - here's a min-quilt show for you ;-)

Doris's Patriotic Quilt #1 - a TEAM effort!
Doris - one of our East Central IL Volunteers, generously creates the 'interior' of many of our patriotic quilts, we add blocks & borders to bring them up to 'required' sizing, quilt/bind/label.

Here's a close-up of some of our patriotic quilting:

Becker's Star panto w/Rainbows Patriotic machine quilting thread

Patriotic Quilt #2 - originated w/'our Doris':

Isn't this a colorful quilt?

Check out some of these wonderful patriotic fabrics Doris chose for this neat quilt:

Such a great assembly of Americana fabrics

Doris Patriotic Quilt #3:

One of our very favs - love how this quilted out!

Star E2E w/Superior's Fantastico Grain Acres - gorgeous Gold highlights

Doris Patriotic Quilt #4:

Patriotic fabrics and strips make this an eye-catching favorite!

More close-ups of the quilting:

Quilting back of Feathered Star quilting
Quilted using Premo-Soft Honey Gold in needle, Signature gray/silver in bobbin

Alrighty then - Doris's Patriotic quilt #5 is on the frame waiting.  Had a few family challenges to address this past week, or we'd probably be farther along quilting ALL of our Doris's March Quilts.  Now that things have settled down a bit - can get back to one of our favorite things to do...Quilting! 

UPDATE 4/15/2017 - Patriotic Quilt #5 of Doris's gets ALL quilted:

Quilting out w/Superior's Grain Acres GOLD thread
brings emphasis to the Star quilting

Close-up of Star Spangled Delight panto

Close-up of backing w/quilting

Finished quilting and coming off the frame...Next!

UPDATE 4/16/2017 -  Doris QOV #6:

Coming off the frame...

Close-up of quilting and some gorgeous Star fabric - Thanks, Lisa!

One of my fellow quilting friends, Alycia, claims that her fabrics 'talk to her'.  I swear, not only does Miss Betty 'tap her foot' but, I think I hear her YELLING my name!  Time to get busy gettin', as Niecy likes to say...;-)