Friday, September 7, 2012

QFC #2 Finished - #3 is on the frame...

The Quilter's for Comfort quilt #2 is now finished up and I think it turned out far better than even I expected:

QFC #2 Coming off the frame...

Up close of one of the 'McTavished' blocks

Another close-up w/border and fireworks and star quilting

Originally I thought I would quilt the white frame border with a 3" curved line through the center, but after quilting it I didn't like it all by itself, it just looked out of balance so once again, I added more 'McTavishing' quilting to balance everything out and I think it did the trick!

And now, QFC quilt #3 is now loaded and on the frame:

In keeping w/previous quilt choices, 'McTavishing' quilting will be utilized ;-)

I like to use Superior's clear monopoly w/bottom line in the bobbin to SID, outline applique and embroidery motifs, white bottom line in the needle and bobbin to 'McTavish' the white blocks to avoid thread build-up and in these QFC veteran quilts I've been using Superior's Patriotic Rainbows to quilt the red and blue blocks and the red/white/blue borders.

So far, I have all of the Stitch-in-the-ditch quilting done and half of the USA borders quilted sooo, need to get back to them so I can move on to the blocks.


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