Friday, September 16, 2016

Time to Brag a Bit on My Girl...;-)

I do take her for granted.  Probably more than I realized and definitely more than I should!  Referring to one of my very favorite girls, 'Miss Betty' - my pet name for my longarm quilting machine, in honor of my Mom who not only enjoyed watching Betty Boop re-runs, but who even resembled her!

'Miss Betty' - one of my very favorite girls!
Got a great reminder recently, while being in a fairly heated 'online' conversation about frame quilting systems, and specifically longarm quilting systems.  As with anything, EVERYONE had their ideas of What and more importantly WHY they loved their longarm.

One of my most favorite things I adore about Miss Betty - are her absolutely Beaut-ti-FUL quilting stitches:

And look a little closer - did you notice?

Gorgeous, even stitches w/nice, sharp points and perfect tension!
Did you notice that there is Gold Glide thread in the needle on the Top of the quilt AND white poly/cotton in the bobbin?  Do you notice ANY pokies?  Me neither!

That's what I LOVE the most about Miss Betty - while others talk about how they MUST use the same color thread in their needle AND bobbin to avoid 'pokies', Miss Betty and I rarely do!

And another thing - check this out:

Quilting out a panto - left to right from the back of the machine!
Sorry, it's not the best pic and I'll try to get a better one later however, the point is - Miss Betty can not only quilt pantos from the standard 'right to left' BUT, just as well 'left to right' - we do it ALL the time!

So many longarmers talk about how they can ONLY quilt pantos from the standard, right to left from the backs of their machines.  Miss Betty and I just chuckle when we hear this...  Thanks to ALL you wonderful longarmers out there for reminding me just how good I've got it w/Miss Betty ;-).

And while we were quilting, got our first embroidered block finished up:

Americana Liberty Bell all embroidered out
for a Purple Heart Veteran quilt
Only three more Americana embroidery blocks left to go and we'll be ready to start assembly!

Time for some shut-eye...

UPDATE: 9/16/2016 - another embroidery block finish:

Once my embroidery machine has a chance to cool off, will start on the next block - a hearts & flags block.  This Star & Flag block took 3 hrs., 43 min. to complete!


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fall Decorating w/Moda Jelly Rolls!

Let the FALL Decorating begin!  Just received these wonderful Autumn/winter Moda jelly rolls and thought...Why not?  Rather than tuck them away 'somewhere', Why not display them throughout with other Fall decorations...

Let the Fall/winter jelly roll decorating begin!

Fall basket w/Moda jelly rolls...Yum!
As you can see - not ALL these jelly rolls are "Fall-specific", especially since I simply cannot pass up the opportunity to grab a 1930's reproduction jelly roll assortment to add to the ever-growing Cheddar Bow Tie Leaders and Enders project we've had going on for quite awhile now.  Soon, very soon, will get to start assembling the bow tie blocks - now that we have what I believe to be, the final, necessary Reproduction prints!

Recent Stash discoveries - YES!
And the last of the cheddar and Jelly rolls, along w/few other Reproduction prints stumbled across at a yard sale...Who knew?

Moda's gorgeous 1930's Playtime Reproduction prints,Cheddar, yard sale find, and Cheddar Bow Tie blocks - more than half-way to the necessary 750!
Time to finish the Fall decorations so we can get to the cutting and sewing of these fabulous 1930's Reproduction fabrics into our favorite Cheddar Bow Tie blocks!

And the finished Fall/Moda look -

that was FUN!