Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dog Quilt FINALLY on the frame...

I was beginning to think I was NEVER going to get this quilt together and on the frame w/all the endless things that need to be done on the quilting studio, but I finally got a break in between installing light fixtures and staining/varnishing wood trim and got it assembled and loaded onto the frame.  You'll remember I started this quilt over a month ago in September, so at least progress is finally being made:

One of the embroidered crazy quilt blocks w/McTavishing quilting

Another embroidered dog block next to black border

Close-up of black border

There are three outside borders surrounding the entire perimeter of the embroidered crazy quilt dog blocks - a black border, white border and black background w/primary color dog print for the final outside border, the same print used in the first two blocks.  There are several different dog prints used throughout the quilt that give a nice balanced variety and lots of colors to work w/different breeds of dogs.  

I'm running Superior's Rainbows Carnival thread in the darker borders, which reflects the majority colors of this quilt.  I LOVE Rainbows for its high sheen, durability and it's just sooo much fun to quilt with, especially on dark colors!  Of course I did my usual SID throughout w/clear monopoly prior to doing any of the McTavishing, which helps to stabilize everything and keep it from shifting with the fast-paced McTavishing quilting.

I'm going to try something different in the larger white border w/King Tut Sands of Time thread, which corresponds nicely with some of the other dog blocks and I'll let you know how it goes w/update sometime tomorrow. 

UPDATE: just finished quilting the white border w/King Tut Sands of Time and I quilted wandering dog paw prints.  Didn't know how this would turn out since I've never done this before but...looks pretty good:

Wandering paw print w/King Tut Sands of Time needle thread

Dog Quilt for Boy's Home coming off the frame

This is the fourth quilt destined for a Boy's Home for QFC later this month.  The first three were assembled by some of our talented and generous Quilters for Comfort members and sent to me for quilting, this Dog Quilt is my own personal design contribution.  

The first quilt was the infamous Car Quilt, the second was the Lighthouse Quilt, and the third was the Monopoly Money quilt - they've all turned out remarkably well and I'm so proud to have been honored and chosen to quilt them.

And for now, time to get some shut eye...;-)



  1. I really love your quilting and the colors on black are a great addition. What a beautiful quilt - wish I had the opportunity to see it in person.

  2. Thank YOU again, Ms. Katie -
    You are too kind. I've really enjoyed working on ALL of these quilts and I've learned more than I ever imagined. ;-)