Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hodge Podge Sunday...w/Updates!

Running around doing about 10 different things - NO time to be bored on Hodge Podge Sunday...;-)

Working on Clues #4 & #5 of our June/July QOV Mystery, trying to get caught up!

Clue #5 of our QOV Mystery - isn't this a neat block?!
UPDATE:  Good thing I did a final 'check' prior to starting to sew 'cause I made a teensy-weensy mistake in my pre-assembly prior to sewing, that could've ended up w/BIG bad results!  Can you tell the difference?

This is actually how Clue #5 is supposed to look...Surprise!
This is what happens when one is trying to combine two QOV Mystery Clues at the same time!  If I had already sewn Clue #4, this probably wouldn't have happened since it requires the same blue/white 4-patches...gulp.
Clue #4 units waiting patiently for their turn in the assembly sewing line
Grabbed a few of these QOV Signature blocks that had been sewn earlier - last weekend, maybe, I forget! and got them pressed, ready for Stage 2 of their assembly:

Signature blocks pressed and ready for Stage #2 assembly...Yes!

I use one end of our dining room table to set up a temporary cutting station by pulling back the table cloth:

Temporary cutting station
This is what my dining room table looks like when multiple projects are going on:

Dining room table subbing as cutting/assembly table while the Boop studio gets finished!

Time to get back at it since it's trying hard to storm...


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Time out for the Annual Betty Boop quilting studio Deck Staining/Painting...

Playing beat the clock - trying to get the Boop quilting studio deck ALL stained and painted prior to the 4th!  Just barely made it before the thunderstorms started rolling in:

This is where the table rests once the deck stain dries completely

This side of the deck faces the south and our pond -
where a bald eagle flies over from time to time

Going down?  The exit to the first landing

ALL 37 steps are now stained - the white pickets at the bottom landing still need painting...
after the T-storms pass ;-)

Even added a couple of coats of paint to some vintage pieces:

Formerly starting to rust, this cast iron table looks Brand-NEW
with just a few coats of paint...and hammered copper paint to boot!

A Special Thank YOU to my DGD, Jade - for helping move ALL the deck furniture,
including this beastie table, into and out of the quilting studio!!

Vintage trash can sporting its NEW coats of paint

This freshly painted love seat will soon get some NEW cushions to go with -
once their ALL sewn!
This is what the quilting studio looked like while the staining and painting was underway:

The studio kitchenette - now includes the grill in the back w/cover, along w/table chairs

The 'vintage love seat', along w/cast iron table upside down on the studio guest bed.  And yep - that's the large potted plant that contains 'Scarlet', a surprise Tiger Lilly who graced us w/her gorgeous RED blooms earlier this year!
Meet Scarlet!

A better view of the covered grill w/vintage trash can - soon to be painted!

Now that the thunderstorms have arrived, time for some sewing.  Just finishing up Clue #3 of our June/July Quilts of Valor Mystery:

HSTs sewn for Clue #3 of our QOV Mystery - all ready to be cut apart and pressed

Clue #3 trimmed/pressed

Alrighty then - time for a break!  I have some quilting mags just waiting for me to peruse...

Happy 4th of July Everyone!