Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hodge Podge Sunday...w/Updates!

Running around doing about 10 different things - NO time to be bored on Hodge Podge Sunday...;-)

Working on Clues #4 & #5 of our June/July QOV Mystery, trying to get caught up!

Clue #5 of our QOV Mystery - isn't this a neat block?!
UPDATE:  Good thing I did a final 'check' prior to starting to sew 'cause I made a teensy-weensy mistake in my pre-assembly prior to sewing, that could've ended up w/BIG bad results!  Can you tell the difference?

This is actually how Clue #5 is supposed to look...Surprise!
This is what happens when one is trying to combine two QOV Mystery Clues at the same time!  If I had already sewn Clue #4, this probably wouldn't have happened since it requires the same blue/white 4-patches...gulp.
Clue #4 units waiting patiently for their turn in the assembly sewing line
Grabbed a few of these QOV Signature blocks that had been sewn earlier - last weekend, maybe, I forget! and got them pressed, ready for Stage 2 of their assembly:

Signature blocks pressed and ready for Stage #2 assembly...Yes!

I use one end of our dining room table to set up a temporary cutting station by pulling back the table cloth:

Temporary cutting station
This is what my dining room table looks like when multiple projects are going on:

Dining room table subbing as cutting/assembly table while the Boop studio gets finished!

Time to get back at it since it's trying hard to storm...


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