Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quilting Sandra's QOV

Another gorgeous Quilt of Valor from Clairellen and those Quirky Quilters in Michigan.  This one has a unique quilt design with a wonderful border just right for McTavishing:

McTavish quilting in the red star border

McTavishing w/LAVA Diamond Head - another favorite!

The interior was perfect for a favorite panto of mine from - Star Dance:

Star Dance Panto quilted in interior w/McTavishing in Red border
And from the back:

Back view of quilting

Finished quilting, coming off the frame:

Sandra's Quilt of Valor coming off the frame
This was such a true honor and privilege to quilt Sandra's Quilt of Valor...Thank YOU!

And now, time to load another very special quilt for quilting...

Monday, June 2, 2014

Quilting Paula's Quilt of Valor w/Updates...

Those Quirky Quilters of Clairellen's in Michigan have been some very busy quilters!  Recently, I received an email from Clairellen letting me know that at their recent Quirky Quilters Guild Meeting in May, those quilters had turned in not one, not two, not even three, but SIX Quilts of Valor quilt tops!

Now Clairellen, being the very diplomatic/NICE person that she is, assured me she certainly didn't expect me to quilt ALL of them but, I needed to choose which ones she should send...seriously?  I cannot choose, so of course I emailed back letting her know I simply could not choose but she could, OR she could just send them ALL - she did ;-).  And are they GORGEOUS!

Here's the first one coming off my frame:
Paula's Quilt of Valor coming off the frame
Paula's QOV is so colorful w/really interesting piecing so, Miss Betty and I decided to go a little unconventional for what we typically do with quilting.  We chose to use the Star Dance Patriotic Panto from and I do believe it suits this wonderful Quilt of Valor quite nicely.

Star Dance Panto from
Here are a few close-ups of the panto quilting w/McTavishing in the blue border:

Star Dance panto w/McTavishing in blue border

You all know me well enough by now to know that I will do just about anything to figure out a way to add McTavishing to a quilt, and this one was just begging for some ;-):

McTavishing in action w/Superior's So Fine #50 Red HOT Chillies thread
A few more quilting close-ups:

Border quilting

We took advantage of the grid in the star border and just 'grid quilted' that out.  It's hard to see in these photos but, it's there.

And the finished QOV all trimmed and ready to be shipped:

Paula's Quilt of Valor ready to ship!
Thank YOU Paula, for allowing 'Miss Betty & I' the honor of quilting your Quilt of Valor...

UPDATE 2/22/2016:  Just received a really nice note from our Dear Friend, Clairellen of those Quirky Quilters in Michigan, thanking Miss Betty & I for quilting one of their QOVs that was awarded to a very deserving Veteran.

Clairellen's Thank You note ;-)
She also included a copy of the Thank You note from the Quilt of Valor recipient's Dear Friend and wife, after his unfortunate recent passing.
Copy of QOV quilt label and the Thank You note
from the Quilt of Valor Recipient's Dear Friend and wife

Quilt of Valor Award Recipient w/Dear Friend and wife - just look at those smiles
We feel so Blessed to have played a small part in the creation and Award of this special Quilt of Valor...Thank YOU!