Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Update on QFC 'McTavished Quilting" Progress...

Thought I'd bring you a few updates and pics of the progress on the Quilter's for Comfort (QFC) quilt #2 - not too bad if I say so myself - there's some definite improvement of the quality of the quilting:

I like this one alot!

And this one - sorry the photo's a little dark but it hides my little baubles nicely!

And this one turned out pretty good, too...

Had some Fun with this one ;-)

I LOVED doing this technique in the borders w/Patriotic variegated thread!

Practice does definitely make better - while I still have much to learn by way of lots more practicing, I'm FINALLY getting comfortable w/freehand quilting utilizing this incredible 'McTavishing' quilting method...;-)

And now I'm off to finish the 'white' picture frame borders and add some fireworks and stars to some of the interior blocks - I'll keep you posted!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Frame Friday - what's on your frame, mine has...

One of our good online quilting friends from the home quilting systems group, Angie (the owner of the group ;-) came up with this great idea last week.  Soooo, to kick this off, it's Frame Friday - what's on your frame?  Mine has another Quilter's for Comfort (QFC) quilt top that some of our online members embroidered/pieced together and then send to those of us who volunteer to quilt/bind prior to shipping off to the intended:  

This quilt is destined for a very special Veteran.  Others go to children with cancer, homeless shelters, and various charities throughout the country.  Since its inception in 2006, QFC has donated over 1100 quilts and counting ALL through the efforts of volunteers!

I received two of these gorgeous tops and this is the second one (we are fortunate to have some very talented quilt artists amongst the members of our group who never cease to amaze me with all their quilting artistry).


I've enjoyed advancing my 'McTavishing' technique on both of these tops along w/SID, ruler & stencil work, and I learned so much and am having a ball quilting them.  I hope the receiver enjoys them half as much as I've enjoyed quilting them!

OK - like I always say, time to get back to it...


Friday, August 10, 2012

First QFC Veteran's Quilt Finished Up...

Had a fairly productive week this week and enjoyed exploring a new-for-me quilting technique - my version of 'McTavishing' on one of the Quilter's for Comfort quilt tops destined for a very special Veteran:

Labeled and ready to ship

Up close of of some of the 'McTavished' blocks - not too bad for a first effort...

Isn't the embroidery on these blocks fantastic?  I cannot take any credit as this quilt top was sent to me already embroidered and constructed by one of the QFC members, who obviously did an incredible job!

I enjoyed this 'McTavishing technique' so much I even added it to some of the borders!

Ta Da!  I think it turned out pretty good, don't you...;-)?

I will most definitely be utilizing this ingenious McTavishing technique on future quilts - what a fun time I had learning and quilting with it...I highly recommend learning this one!

And now, on to the next one...


Sunday, August 5, 2012

What's on the frame...?

Again, apologies for being so long in between posting - just been so gosh-darned busy trying to catch-up w/everything like everyone else this time of year, including staining and varnishing trim for my new quilting/sewing studio - YAY...Finally!  And in between staining boards I took a much needed break to plan the quilting design for one of two quilts destined for our beloved Vets:

Quilt #1 just loaded and ready to quilt...

First pass w/'Stars' Groovy Boards on top boarder - not too bad ;-)

I feel so honored to be able to work on these incredible quilt tops and so Blessed to have found this remarkable group of online quilters who generously donate their time, talents, fabric stashes, new fabrics and money to those who are less fortunate than they - Quilters for Comfort.  You can read ALL about them here: And, if you happen to know someone (including yourself ;-) who might have a little extra time and/or talent to donate to a very worthy cause, Please pop on over and introduce yourself, we'd LOVE to have you, your quilting/sewing skills and of course extra fabric stash join us!

And now, like I always say...time to get back to it...