Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Mash-up is back...w/Updates

And it's actually ALL about quilting this time ;-)  First, I needed to get back to the rest of the Quilts Beyond Borders quilts and get those finished up.  Don't know if I mentioned this earlier, but I had decided to take some of the wonderful backing fabrics that were sent w/the original QBB quilts and turn them into quilts as well, (they were just too cute for backings!).  Sooo, it's taken a little longer to finish everything up.  Got the first one on the frame this afternoon:

This quilt top is actually made from 2 different QBB backings, no worries - 
I had enough to make another top from the leftovers ;-)

Since I decided to take advantage of the actual grid fabric of the pink plaid:

and the lines in the batik paisley to determine my quilting patterns, along w/Line Tamer ruler from to implement - getting some really great straight quilting lines!
Straight quilting lines w/help of the Line Tamer

UPDATE 8/14/2013:  Got two of them quilted:
Pink plaid w/brown paisley

UPDATE 8/21/2013 - Finished up QBB Quilts #5 & 6:
Back of Pink plaid paisley w/ruler work

Batik stripes and swirls (I pieced this one awhile back for QBB)
Batik swirl quilt - front & back
Bound/gently laundered/labeled and ready to ship!

UPDATE 10/19/2013:  These quilts, along w/many others will be traveling to Syria for those children 
who are waiting patiently for their arrival.  You can read more here:

AND a fellow online quilting buddy, Katy of Katyquilts also contributed her quilting expertise in a big way!  You can read ALL about it here:

It has been a real honor and loads of FUN participating in this Quilts Beyond Borders project and Kudos to EVERYONE on the QBB Team for all their untiring efforts!
Marathon sewing up lots of borders

And while I was stitching up these quilt tops, also found some time to add some borders to a few of the QFC quilt tops I received the other day:
Got them added to a few quilt tops:
Added 3 exterior borders to this awesome Snowball/Bow tie quilt top

This neat row quilt also got 3 additional borders - the red fabric was originally sent as backing

This incredible Patriotic Log Cabin received 2 new exterior borders
The final border fabric on this log cabin was originally planned for another quilt - good thing I have extra!  When the star spangled fabric landed next to this patriotic log cabin beauty, it was destiny the two should meet since they're perfect for each other...don't you agree?

And now, time to get some shut-eye so I can get back to quilting asap...



  1. Wow! You have been so productive! Can't wait to see them quilted!

  2. I watched a video on QNN TV the other day where they actually constructed the quilt on the longarm - a sort of quilt as you go / flip and stitch type of thing - I thought was what you'd done when I saw the first picture.... You're so creative in your use of fabrics. You simply have to make Sew Fest sometime soon - I have a lot to learn!

  3. You have an incredible amount of energy...I'm envious. You made beautiful additions to these quilts.