Monday, August 8, 2016

Monday Mash-up is back!

Got a break-ey break from the HEAT wave and Miss Betty & I got to spend some quality time quilting:

Isn't this Military Gold Glide machine quilting thread looking Rich?
Just getting started on this Quilt of Valor - been in our quilt queue for almost 6 months, waiting patiently for his turn - wait 'til you see 'the rest of this QOV', but that's another blog post ;-)

Awhile back, I promised I'd share how we echo quilt pantos that end up having too much space in between the pantograph quilted rows.

Echo quilting w/HQ echo foot around the Becker's Shooting Star panto - LOTS of FUN!
We usually do this 'after' ALL the panto quilting is complete and usually after the borders are ALL quilted and the SID work is done.  This echo quilting is Fast & FUN - our two favorite criteria for quilting!

And the results speak for themselves:

Echo quilting complete - you would never know
there was too much spacing between the panto rows
Once we discovered this remedy for dealing with too much spacing between panto rows, either by accident, or now in our case by design - NO more ripping for us!  And did I already's FUN!  Give this a try the next time you happen to misjudge your panto spacing!

Fireworks Quilt of Valor coming off the frame
During the HEAT wave, been working on getting more star blocks off to the QOV Stars Group. These star blocks are well underway:

Sewing the second side of this Star block unit

...and should be finished up just in time to mail on the same day as our East Central IL QOV Group meeting this Thursday.

Miss Betty is waiting - time to get back to quilting!


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  1. I like the idea of an 'echo' foot - wonder if I could find one for my Tin Lizzy....
    Love what the gold thread does with the blue stars - awesome!