Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I saved the Best for Last...Veteran Quilt #6 - Big 'Ol Beaut...

I lovingly refer to this one as the "Big 'Ol Beaut", and that he is!:

He spans a large part of my 12' frame - almost King Size!
Because yours truly felt he wasn't big enough when I first received him from those very busy QFC ladies, (I sometimes get a little carried away ;-), I added 3 borders, which enlarged him a bunch.  It also gave me ALL kinds of quilting real estate:

Gold ribbon feathers in red border w/LAVA Diamond Head, McTavishing in flag & white borders w/Rainbows Patriotic.

Back showing feathering and McTavishing

Swirls in pinwheels, stripes in rectangles, McTavishing in red background w/Rainbows Patriotic .

LAVA Diamond Head used to McTavish and SID in the Eagle/blue blocks.
I LOVE these horse blocks and the photos just don't do them justice, but I still wanted to include them:
Ruler work, wavy lines & McTavishing quilting

Ruler work from the backside

I used several rulers throughout this awesome quilt:

Lots of great rulers for ruler work!
QFC SewFest Veteran Quilt #6 Stats:
This "Big 'Ol Beaut", QFC Veteran Quilt #6 is officially done and ready to report for duty:

"Big 'Ol Beaut" coming off the frame
Prior to shipping to final destination

It has truly been an honor for me to quilt ALL 6 of these Veteran quilts, and an experience I won't soon forget...Thank YOU QFC for this amazing opportunity!



  1. Beautiful! Love all your ruler work. you put so many different designs in and they all work so well together. Love this!

  2. Awesome! I love these row quilts that we do. Each row is so different, yet they seem to all 'fit'! As a quilter, I also like the ability to quilt each row differently. I sometimes get bored with doing the same design over and over.... Thanks so much Deb for your help. It is very much appreciated.