Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bow Ties are BACK...

I've missed doing my Bow Tie blocks with everything going on lately and decided I could crank out a few to get back in the Bow Tie saddle (pun intended, I just couldn't resist ;-).  Every time I do a few of these, I can't resist thinking just how cute they are:

Bow Ties are Cute!

I always have FUN doing these, since they go together soooo quickly w/chain piecing:

Chain piecing Bow Ties are quick and pin-less...

And now, like I always say - time to get back to it, only 553 to go to reach my goal of 750!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Another Pepto Bismol Vintage Top...

It's been awhile since my last post - been busy w/holidays and yard work and dealing with poison ivy as a result of yard work ;-)  In frustration, I dug out another Pepto Bismol Pink vintage top and it turned out fairly well if I do say:

Vintage Double 9 Patch - another family heirloom...

Due to the delicate nature of this vintage top, I chose once again to quilt it with a freehand meander since I didn't want to put any marks on it and my freehand capabilities are somewhat limited to date.  And besides, I LOVE to meander/stipple; such a stress buster for me, it tends to stabilize these older tops and 'hold' them together, and was utilized by our quilting predecessors for durability - it's a Win/Win all the way around!

Meandering on this vintage top

Up close...

Worked out fairly well - don't you just love ALL those vintage fabrics?!

I couldn't resist this side view ;-)

It's bound with some matching reproduction fabrics, washed, dried, folded away for posterity.  Now on to the next one - wonder which one it will be...I'll get back to you on that...AND I need to get caught up marking my Carpenter's Star quilt - my poison ivy is almost dried up enough on my arms for me to give that a try...