Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Mash-up

I learned about this term from my DGD which means to take vintage music - maybe even two or more songs, and mix or 'mash-up' w/today's funky & fresh sounds and beats to produce a 'new age' mash-up tune...I like it!  Soooo, my Monday Mash-up consists of vintage fabrics and patterns, mashed-up w/today's fresh and crisp fabrics and design ideas to produce a 'new age' quilt or two.  In the future, that will apply however, for today's venue we have a mash-up of several projects combined to make one wild  week/weekend!

The first pic shows what a clothes dryer looks like without its door, drum and back cover, (and why I didn't get as much done last week as originally planned):

Clothes dryer torn down, ready for repairs

And one of the offending culprits - a melted/wollered* down pulley wheel that runs off the motor's drive shaft driven by the serpentine belt (I learned a whole lot this past week!  Those are my tools in the photo ;-):

No wonder the serpentine belt stopped turning the drum on the dryer!

Thank goodness for and YouTube videos or my dryer would not be back together and I probably would've had to buy a new one since there's no Maytag repair man in my neck of the woods (and this one is ONLY 6 years old!)

Here's the actual video I watched over and over and over to fix my dryer:

Right drum roller (I had to replace both of them along w/several other parts,
including wollered* out pulley wheel)

And doesn't he look all nice and pretty put back together:

I LOVE this dryer now that it is working again - all nice and quiet...
I can actually sew/quilt in peace without listening to all that squealing

I got it all torn down last Monday and had it all put back together late Monday night but was missing a few parts so, got online and ordered them at 1:30 am (CST) - they were here Thursday afternoon - way to go  The hubs is still shaking his head in disbelief that 1) the parts arrived in less than a week and 2) that yours truly could actually fix this dryer by watching a video.  He's secretly been bragging about his handy girl wife to his friends, I got word ;-)

And for the rest of the mash-up story, got some serious work done on one of my Hurricane Sandy Relief quilt tops:

Strip piecing the second Hurricane Sandy Relief quilt top

Coming along nicely -  these are Moda black & white jelly roll strips
w/green sashings from - I really like the fresh green w/black & white

Ready to be loaded onto the quilt frame 
I think I'm going to call this one 'Renewal'

And I even got several blocks from Easy Street Part VIII pieced together:

Only 4 more left to go and I'm ready to assemble the entire top - YEAH!

Alrighty then, time to put away a few more clothes (we got behind on our laundry while the dryer was down, still playing catch-up) and after that, my Hurricane Sandy Renewal quilt top needs loaded and then I'm off w/very important rendezvous w/DGD!

That's it for this Monday Mash-up - what was yours like?


*wollered - a technical MidWest term referring to an item or object that has been worn down or hollowed out  due to various external factors and variances ;-)

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  1. You're my hero! If I ever need help repairing my dryer, I'm calling you! I've been trying go get my QFC quilting done. Because of my trip to SIL's, I got behind. I have 4 quilted with 3 to go and then the binding. I want these in the mail by Friday afternoon! Guess if I'd get off this computer, I might just make it :-)

  2. Good Grief Miss Katie,
    I think you are my Hero - 7 total quilts for QFC, Whew! I had no idea you were committed to so many, (last summer I did a total of 7 w/SewFest and I was about quilted out after those but did enjoy doing them however, I didn't have sick SIL to attend to).

    Send some to me if you want and I'll be more than glad to help out, even w/binding and/or quilting I'm pretty fast sometimes and will be all caught up by Wednesday w/Hurricane Sandy projects ;-)

    Take care and don't work too hard,