Monday, June 10, 2013

Another Monday Mash-up...

Been busy like many of you these days.  Finished up my garden:

Completed final successive planting and mulching

So I could finish up quilting the Good Morning Quilt II:

              Good Morning II coming off the frame

Panto quilting w/Fly Away by Jodi Beamish

                                                                            Like how it's showing up in the borders 

In between gardening and quilting another MidWest thunderstorm threatened, so decided to bake some bread!

First, we grind the wheat.  This is the wheat before we grind it:

Hard white wheat - ready for grinding into flour

     The last of the wheat in the hopper prior to grinding

                                                                                        Wheat made into bread dough

All ready for supper!

In between all this, there was a lively discussion on one of my quilting forums about a quilting tool.  I first read it while the bread was proofing and all I read were the words 'top anchor' and 'magnet'.  I immediately thought the reference was for the notorious 'Harbor Freight magnets' we frame quilters like to use on our frames for various reasons, including to 'anchor' quilt tops.  

Me - I use them to hold a practice/test piece in place at either end of my quilting frame and in a pinch, remount a quilt to fix/quilt an area that may have been missed.  The Harbor Freight magnets are fast and a hoot to use, especially when 'newbies' are around.  I had to buy an extra set for the hubs, you know guys - they think EVERY garage tool is exclusive to them...Geez!

The confusion came from the original name that was referenced in the first post - Top Anchor Quilting tools. I know the tool as the EZ Arc, here's why:

The name on the front of the package and the tools itself is EZ Arc

And it appears, their facebook name is EZ Arc and on it is referred to/listed as the EZ Arc.  

On the back of the tool is where it states, TopAnchor Longarm Quilting Tools - looks like they may be using this term as their business term?:

Notice the Caution message:  contains small magnets - 
hence my magnet confusion LOL!

I haven't had this tool very long and this is the very first time I've even turned the package over to read the back and to take this pic...Mystery solved ;-)

I have a couple of quilts I was planning on giving this tool a try but for now, time to sample some bread and finish binding the Good Morning II quilt - got a little delayed yesterday with all the storms we keep having!



  1. OMG, Deb, I want some of that bread!! It's been years since I was able to get my hands on some wheat for grinding! Anyway, the quilt is lovely, too.

    1. Thanks, Miss Katie! It must've been good because it's ALL gone, or I'd offer you a slice ;-) I did make some pumpkin bread yesterday afternoon, (another storm), and there's still some left...want a piece?