Saturday, April 21, 2012

Learning New Things on my New-ish quilt machine...;-)

Put a new practice quilt on my frame - time to play w/stitch regulator and learn how to quilt with it:

At first, I thought it was me and my lack of experience, but after working with it for awhile, I came to realize my x-axis was not engaging properly and was causing all kinds of problems with irregular stitching, stops and starts, and just a plethora of issues.  I noticed the same issues when trying to use the stitch regulator on my last practice quilt - the whole-cloth stenciled quilt, which is why I quilted 90% of it in manual mode free-hand.  However, once I figured out what the actual challenge was, I was able to compensate well enough to get some fairly good stitching in, just can't SID cross-ways ;-)

Freehand stipple quilting w/stenciled hearts and crosshatched diamond borders

Improvement is Good!

The blue marks are chalk marks from pouncing in the stencil.  I was able to use my SR while quilting in the heart stencil pattern and for the diamond cross-hatching and the corner stones, but I had to go back to manual mode for the stipple quilting, since the x-axis was causing too many erratic stitches.

SR Stitch irregularities really show up on cross-hatching - notice the 2nd & 3rd diamond's large stitches :-(

Hopefully my software upgrade will arrive next week and will 'fix' my SR problem - we'll keep our fingers crossed...

Starting to 'like' how this is turning out...;-)

In spite of all the challenges w/SR, this was still really FUN and I learned I like ruler work I always say...time to get back to the FUN!

Finished quilting - need some binding!

UPDATE 11/27/2012:  This Hearts of Blessings quilt will be shipping to a Hurricane Sandy survivor through a Bonnie K. Hunter connection. Please follow this link for more information:

Have a Great Weekend,


  1. I really like that heart stencil design. The Tin Lizzy encoders have rubber "O" rings that need to be replaced about once a year - I've discovered this last week that it's time to replace them.....
    One feature I really like with the TL, if you press the SR 'button' while turning on the machine, that when you hit start the SR will very slowly move the needle - it helps eliminate those 'pause jump stitches' when slowing or changing directions. Anyway, now that I've been longwinded - I really like what you did with this quilt.

  2. Thanks Miss Katie!

    I really enjoyed 'learning & experimenting' on this practice quilt and surprisingly, it turned out much better than I ever thought it would ;-)

    I've heard the Tin Lizzy is a really nice machine. Sounds like you'll be back in the quilting saddle with a little maintenance - guess we all have to do it, don't we?! But it's sooo worth it when they're working properly. So far I LOVE my machine and once everything is upgraded I'm going to be one happy camper I do believe.

    Thanks for stopping by - Please do come back again and often...

    Happy Quilting!

  3. It is looking great Deb! I hope when I finally order my machine my quilting will look as good. Paper for now, it is!


  4. Thanks Amanda!

    The stitch regulator (SR) is my new secret weapon and will be yours, too - allows you and your stitches to look great right out of the box on the first day ;-). Now that mine's fixed, I'm NEVER going back without it - what a maarvelous invention...

    Keep practicing on paper or whatever - it does transfer to the machine! I practiced my first pantograph for well over a week and when I finally got a quilt ready for it, quilted like I'd done it all my life and that was on a 9" Viking MegaQuilter. No one would believe me that it was my first panto with NO SR!

    You are going to LOVE your new machine - keep us ALL posted on your progress ;-)

    Happy Practicing!