Thursday, April 12, 2012

Playing Catch-Up w/UFOs, Bow Ties, Embroidery...

I've been sooo busy trying to get my pile of UFOs caught up I haven't had time to turn around!  I did upload a few pics of my UFOs that I've managed to get finished up, just didn't take the time to post so here we go...:

I Spy quilt - teacher gift

I chose to do a different freehand quilting approach to stay in keeping with the I Spy theme:

Freehand "loop 'D loop" quilting design - this was FUN!

It's still not bound.  I had to order some red polka dot fabric since I could not find what I had after 2 weeks of searching, I gave up ;-)  But, it should arrive in the next couple of days so...hoping to have it bound w/hanging sleeve and quilt label and delivered sometime next week!

UPDATE:  the red w/white polka dot binding fabric just arrived via USPS so I'm off to bind this cutey ;-)

Also got a couple of other long lost UFOs completed along w/I Spy:

Harvest Quilt panel - 1st practice piece on new-ish HQ16 system

Up close:

Close-up of freehand stipple/meander quilting

These two quilts were both on my frame at the same time (side by side) for practice when I was given 5 minutes notice to move my entire quilting studio due to water damage by over-zealous carpenters! (Details here:  "Well...That Didn't Last Long!")  Needless to say, more than 2 months later I am finally able to finish quilting them.  Both still need binding.  We'll hope this one gets bound before 'harvest' of this year ;-)

And yet another vintage top panto quilted:

What's up w/Pepto-Bismol pink in these vintage tops...?  Just askin' ;-)r

Here's a close-up of the panto using King Tut variegated thread:

Up close of panto quilting on Vintage top

Since I inherited this quilt top without any extra materials, including binding material, it's still not bound while I search for appropriate binding fabric.  I may have to resort to white muslin once again, if I come up short - we'll keep our fingers crossed I can find something else.  

I have 2 more of these vintage tops w/Pepto-Bismol pink as one of the primary colors.  Was there a lot of this color around back in the 20s and 30s?  There just seems to be plenty of it in many of these vintage tops, at least in the ones I've inherited ;-).  Oh well, gives me lots of chances to practice!

Managed to get a few more Bow Ties pieced:

10 more Bow Ties and counting - aren't these the cutest?!

Also made some progress on dgd's African zebra crazy quilt:

This is one of several different zebra blocks being worked on - I'll keep you posted...

This zebra quilt has been one of the funnest (can I say that ?;-) quilts I've worked on in awhile.  It will be backed w/grape crush minkee - can hardly wait!

Sooo, should probably get back to it...


  1. Oh, Deb, what fun pictures! Gotta tell you, though, I awarded you the "Liebster Blog Award" - you can read about it on my blog. I love the way you've set up your blog and love all your pictures. Happy Quilting - off to do some myselft today.

  2. Miss Katie,
    Well, blow me down...What a sweetie you are - Thank YOU! I am truly honored, but I gotta tell you I was absolutely speechless for a few moments, you know that doesn't happen very often ;-).

    My Best to You and Your Family,