Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Toss-Up Tuesday w/some Finishes! and Updates...

So much stuff going on I practically need a spread sheet to keep track!  And I know many of you are going through the same thing w/May Madness ;-)  To get this 'quick show' started - got to finish up another gorgeous Quilt of Valor from Clairellen, and those Quirky Quilters in Michigan.  Check out Terri's stunning QOV:

Terri's Quilt of Valor coming off the frame
Don't you just love those stars!  In another blog posting, I showed how I was quilting those w/SOAR panto.  Had a bit of a dilemma trying to figure out just what to quilt in those filler blocks and I entertained several ideas prior to settling on some eagle feather accents mixed in w/McTavishing:

Eagle feather accents combined w/McTavishing using clear mono-poly
I also used the clear mono-poly to outline each individual center navy blue star to not only nail it down, but to accent it like an applique, worked great!  Since I also McTavished in the outer borders, that, too was showcased in a previous blog posting, this McTavish touch was a good quilting choice and tied everything together while accentuating the eagles in the SOAR panto, win/win.  A final Jamie Wallen alternating swirl in the navy border w/So Fine #431 QOV Navy was a FUN finish!

Here's some final photos:
McTavished exterior border w/interior ruler work and swirled navy border
Ruler work radiating from points of stars
And a couple pics of the flannel back:
Close-up of quilting on flannel back
 The 'full monty' back:
Entire quilting back - looks kinda neat, doesn't it?
Once this gorgeous QOV Star is pruned, it will be all ready to ship - hopefully no later than Thursday.  What an honor once again, to share in the creative process of this amazing Quilt of Valor...Thank YOU!

UPDATE 5/15/2014:   While pruning, I discovered two areas that I failed to complete the ruler work on soooo, looks like this beauty is headed back to the quilt frame for some finishing touches.  I was really wanting to ship it out today w/Hearth & Home QOV blocks I finished up earlier but, such is life.  Hopefully, over the next couple of days - keep those fingers and toes crossed for me!

Planted a few Mother's Day flowers - still have LOTS more to do but, it's a start!
In between quilting and all these glorious MidWest storms, planted a few landscape plantings, (simply will not take the risk of running 'Miss Betty' during a lightning/thunderstorm, in spite of ALL the surge protectors, etc., we have - still risk a hit and the inevitable loss of power halfway across a quilt - so NOT worth the risk!)

During the stormy evenings, I FINALLY managed to finish piecing my 26 Hearth & Home Blocks I committed to QOVF:

Stitching up the last rows of the Hearth & Home Blocks

26 Hearth & Home Blocks ready for their final embroidered message & sig...FINALLY!
UPDATE 5/15/2014:  these 26 Hearth & Home blocks were finished, packed & shipped!

I still need to finish digitizing our Clark Count 4-H Quilts of Valor quilt labels, their Quilts of Valor Viewing Event invitations for June, and four of their 7 Quilts of Valor still need quilted by yours truly before our next sew-in on May 24th...looks like I need to get back to it!



  1. The quilt looks great and your blocks do too!

    1. Thank YOU, Miss Katy - you've been busy lately yourself, too ;-)

      Quilt ON!