Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Quilting the Good Morning Quilt #1 for Hurricane Sandy

After completing the 'Renewal Quilt', Hurricane Sandy Quilt #2, it was time to move on or back to Hurricane Sandy Quilt #1, the Good Morning Quilt

This quilt is quite large and required a bit more quilting time but, once again, it was a blast to quilt and I even expanded on a couple of quilting techniques I can now add to my McTavishing arsenal, which worked quite well in the 6" purple floral border.  All the stabilization quilting was done w/clear mono-poly in between the strips, sashings, and borders, and to McTavish and outline both embroidered blocks.  The batik green border sashings were quilted w/So Fine's 40 wt., Lollies, and So Fine's variegated Great Barrier Reef was used to quilt the purple floral borders with McTavishing quilting.

Lower right corner embroidered block - I couldn't resist adding this one ;-)

And after all the FUN quilting, the Good Morning quilt was ready to come off the frame:

Trimmed and ready for binding

And now on to finishing up the piecing of the third Hurricane Sandy quilt, 'Serenity'

 Piecing the Robert Kaufman Artisan batik strips, Lake Country - they are stunning!

So far, so good - now off to press and sew some more!

Catch up w/ya later...
~Deb the entire story about the Good Morning Quilt  

UPDATE 11/26/2012:  Hurricane Sandy Quilt #1, The Good Morning Quilt
UPDATE   2/25/2013:  Hurricane Sandy Quilt #2, Renewal
UPDATE   4/03/2013:  Hurricane Sandy Quilt #3, Serenity


  1. I love the "Good Morning" quilt - that daisy border just sets it off. I will look forward to seeing the "serenity" quilt - from the strips, I think I'm going to love those colors!

    1. Thanks, Miss Katie!

      Looks like the Serenity Quilt is going to turn out much different than I originally envisioned but possibly even better. Just need to add the lake water blue border w/chocolate brown and white and I'm ready to load onto the frame so...better get back to it!

      Hope you had FUN on your recent shopping trip ;-)