Monday, November 12, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Quilt #1 underway w/Updates...

After finishing up the Heart Quilt yesterday afternoon - it's bound and gently laundered, waiting for the youngest daughter to make the final decision on which quilt label to use since it's her gift for a friend's daughter's birthday.  So, while waiting for that outcome ;-), I had some time to make final decisions on which quilt I would make first for the Hurricane Sandy Quilt Relief project.  I decided on this one from the Jelly Roll Quilts book by Pam & Nicky Lintott:

 The Bars of Gold quilt pattern is a favorite of mine which uses 2 1/2" fabric strips for the 'bars' and can be adaptable to whatever quilt size you want to make by changing the size of the interior border sashings and outside borders.  I'm enlarging my quilt to be a double bed size - it's a nice size and works well for children & teens. It sews up quickly, the color options are unlimited including scrappy, and it's gorgeous in red/white & blue, and jelly rolls work extremely well since they're pre-cuts, and my ultimate requirement - it's FUN to sew!

I was able to gather up some of the fabrics including a gorgeous hand-dyed candy apple green/yellow/turquoise/pink/purple batik and some Good Morning fabrics by Moda - so playful and colorful:

Border and Sashing fabrics - I'm adding an additional outside purple border to enlarge the quilt and tie it all together, and the green batik will be used for the interior sashings and border

Bar strip fabrics from Good Morning jelly roll by Moda      .

And they are sewing up wonderfully well:

First bar strips sewn together - and we're off to the races!

You can probably tell, this is going to be another 'girl' quilt ;-).  I will also be making a black & white w/jungle green gold bar quilt (got the jungle green fabric on sale over at, they're having some really great pre-holiday sales right now), which will be more non-gender, I'm thinking for the parents maybe, or older teen, even a guy.  And the third quilt I haven't made a final decision on yet, possibly a rail fence, which also works well w/scraps and jelly rolls maybe in some nice, warm fall colors, maybe some flannel fabrics, still pondering...

UPDATE 11/26/2012: after taking time out to get my blocks all put together and stowed away for Bonnie K. Hunter's annual mystery quilt - this year it's the Easy Street Mystery Quilt , I was able to get back to putting this cute quilt altogether.  With a Thanksgiving, a death of a friend's father, and family all walking around, been too difficult to try and lay it out in front of the Christmas Tree, my current design area, (remember, my 'real' design wall is still waiting to be built and put up in the new Quilting Studio which is still waiting to be finished...but I digress...again...sorry ;-), and I'm running way behind my original schedule of having this quilt completed and shipped 'prior' to Thanksgiving, going to have to 'step things up a bit' for the next few days to get caught up.  So here's the finished quilt top, The Good Morning Quilt...drumroll Please...Tah Dah:

I know, I know, the block looks off-center but actually - it's intentional to accommodate a quilting design motif - NO worries!  Don't you just love the limey green/lemon yellow/hot pink batik borders...yummy ;-)

It turned out great I think and just a wee bit bigger than I anticipated 
since I changed the sizes of those borders but it will be a great size for a teen, don't you think?

Good Morning moda strip blocks/bars with green batik borders

Outside moda Good Morning purple flower power borders

And what Good Morning quilt would be complete without a Good Night block?

And now, we're off to load onto the Betty Boop quilting machine - Betty's been a little lonely for the past couple of weeks since we finished the Girly Heart quilt so, time to get her busy quilting...

OK, back to the FUN!

UPDATE 3/6/2013: to see how this one quilted out, check out 'Quilting the Good Morning Quilt'


  1. beautiful quilt from a generous heart. Well done Deb. ♥

  2. Well Ms. Kathy - how sweet are you to say such nice things about me and one of my quilts?...Thank YOU!

    And Thanks for stopping by, Please do drop by again soon...