Friday, September 14, 2012

Lots going on...QOV, Bow Ties, Boy's Home and Veteran's...

Well it's been a fairly productive, albeit busy week with lots of projects going on all at once - some are getting finished up while others are just getting started!  All 3 of the QFC Veteran's quilts are now completed and getting ready to ship to their final destination - YEAH!  Started embroidering the dog blocks for a Boy's home quilt that Quilter's for Comfort is also generously gathering quilts for.  Here's a few I have so far:

Block #1

Blocks #3 & #4

Block #7

You'll have to wait to see ALL seven blocks after they're assembled into the quilt ;-)  I have some really neat 'dog' fabric I found right after I agreed to make this quilt - I'm anxious to get started putting this one altogether...

While the blocks were getting embroidered, I managed to get off a few more bow ties in between thread changes:

There's almost 300 blocks in this 5 qt. ice cream bucket!

While that's a nice amount, I thought I'd be farther along by now because I need 755 total bow tie blocks for the quilt I've designed...oh well, will just have to keep pluggin' in between projects ;-)

And while trolling the net, I came across a really interesting Quilt of Valor project that I just couldn't resist (yeah right, like I need another project...but it's for a really good cause and...)  Anyway, even though I'm a little late to this party, I decided to just go for it, what with ALL the fabric I have in my stash, might as well get it into some quilts that can do others some good.  

So here's the gist on this one:  it's a Craftsy Mystery Quilt-a-long QOV, hosted by guest blogger Alycia of Alycia Quilts, who's collected/made/delivered literally 'hundreds' of quilts for her local Veterans.  You really need to read Alycia's entire story, it's almost unbelievable!  And the kicker is after we get our QOV quilts all assembled, we can opt to take an online quilting class with renowned quilt instructor, Kim Brunner - all over at Craftsy!

NOTE: I originally misspelled Alycia's name, my apologies.  I have now corrected my mistake.  

The online quilting class is scheduled to go LIVE sometime in October, 2012.  I can hardly wait for this class as 'Kimmie', as we like to call her, is a previous long-arm Teacher of the Year and one of the best instructors I've had the privilege to be taught by!

This is what I got done in the last 24 hours on the Craftsy Mystery Quilt-a-long QOV:

Cutting - Week #1

Week #2 - Chain piecing

and pruning blocks...

Eight 5" Star Blocks - Week #3, these turned out cute, didn't they?

Since the class is up to Week #5, I still have some catching up to do but, I've made a healthy dent in 24 hours so I think I have half a chance of catching up by next Wednesday when the next clue is released.

Soooo, like I always say - time to get back to it!


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  1. I really like these dog blocks - anxious to see the quilt! Kudos to you for doing QOV quilt. Such a really worthy cause.