Friday, August 21, 2015

The Strips are ON!

After cutting and sewing for what seems like FOREVER, actually it's barely been a week BUT my, how time c-r-a-w-l-s while trying to finish up what I consider 'mundane but necessary' tasks to get to the good stuff, QUILTING w/Miss Betty - I finally have something to show from all this activity...yippee!  So without further ado, border STRIPS have been successfully added to seven (7) QOV quilt tops, and bindings have also been completed for the following:

QOV quilt top #1

QOV quilt top #2

QOV quilt top #3

QOV quilt top #4

QOV quilt top #5
QOV quilt top #6

QOV quilt top #7
While I may not be fond of 'creating & attaching' the border strips, I dearly LOVE seeing each quilt, once it is ALL bordered-out.  Even I get pleasantly surprised at just how neat many of them turn out ;-)

Nothing left to say except...Time to QUILT!



  1. Oh Deb, you rocked these quilts, they look even more amazing. Thank you for always making my day!! I look forward to seeing your gorgeous quilting. :) ~ Christina

  2. anxious to see the quilting because the tops look amazing!

  3. Thanks, ladies! The quilting has begun - pics soon ;-)