Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dr. Who...?

So what do you do at 3:00 am when time is running out and you need something really cool for the super-neat DGD whose going off to camp in a few hours and what you'd originally planned has not panned out?  Well you whip up some super-quick/super-cool substitutes...Dr. Who pillow cases anyone...?

Ran a Google search for 'Dr. Who embroidery designs' and Tammi D. of Small Town Embroidery popped up w/10 Dr. Who digital embroidery designs in 3 different sizes -PERFECT!

I only had time to make two Dr. Who embroidered pillow cases:

but I think they turned out pretty cool, don't you?

Even managed to finish up a vintage quilt w/cats for her to take along - should work as a great camp quilt substitute until the Dr. Who fabric arrives to make the original quilt I intended ;-)  She seemed pleased and surprised, since she didn't know what I'd been up to - I got TWO HUGE hugs for my surprise efforts, that's ALWAYS the best part!

Happy Camping to ALL you campers out there... and especially to my very favorite DGD!!!
~Deb aka 'Grammy' ;-)


  1. What a great idea for taking to camp. You know, I have never made a pillow case! Guess it's time to give one a try :-) And... Thank you so very much for your contribution to MY quilt. I can not begin to express how much that quilt means to me...

  2. Hey Miss Katie - you are so very Welcome, and it was truly my pleasure and honor to be one of the many contributors to your quilt. And again, Cathy was by far the main contributor/instigator - she wanted you to have what had been given to her years ago, and if memory serves, YOU were the main instigator/contributor of that quilt!

    So glad to see you made it back safe & sound and ALL rested up! ;-) Course, there is ALL that laundry from a week-long trip, and Then the rest of the house, (if your family members are anything like mine - I clean prior to leaving on the trip and have to re-clean when I come back from the trip!) But it's soooo worth it!!!

    And what you QFC ladies are able to create in only one week at SewFest boggles the mind...I am still trying to comprehend some of those quilts you all came up with - what treasures they will be! Looking forward to quilting a few myself ;-)

    Get rested up 'cause there's LOTS more quilting to do...

    Quilt ON!