Saturday, December 26, 2015

Playing Catch-Up w/Allietare

In between ALL the Christmas celebrations, got a few hours to cut/sew on Clue #4 of Bonnie Hunter's Holiday Mystery Quilt, Allietare:

Clue #4 - getting started
All the pieces to Clue #4 have been cut - for BOTH Allietares!

3 hours later - ALL the cutting was complete for Clue #4 for BOTH Allietares
Sewing has begun on Clue #4 for the first Allietare:

Chain piecing Clue #4...LOTS of chain piecing!
There's still plenty to do before Clue #5 arrives in just a few hours...time to get back to it...

Hope you ALL had a wonderful and:

Merry Christmas cake - it was yummy!
To see what ALL the Allietare Mystery participants are currently up to, Please follow this direct web link:

UPDATE 1/25/2016:  Got the tree and 'most' of the Christmas decorations down, celebrated 3 January birthdays, endured a flood followed by an ice storm, and more recently the latest MidWest Blizzard!  In between ALL of this Fun, have been working like a mad woman trying to get caught up with ALL three Mysteries!  Here's Clue #4 finally finished for BOTH Allietares...Whew!

6 of the 12 piles

Each pile contains 20 sewn units totaling 240 units for BOTH Allietares!
I just did the math for Clue #4 = 1440 Total parts for BOTH Allietares...No wonder it took yours truly soooo long to sew!

On to Clue #6 to cut/sew the blocks together, since I already have Clue #5 completed...WooHoo!


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