Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Allietare Clue #3 well underway!

In between Christmas shopping and wrapping presents, found some time to squeeze in the cutting/sewing of Bonnie Hunter's 2015 Allietare MQ Clue #3:

Gold & Neutral 4-patches for Allietare MQ Clue #3
Again, chain piecing to the rescue!

Chain piecing the 4-patch units
Still LOTS to do before the next clue arrives!

The first batch of Clue #3 for Allietare #1 getting ready to be sewn into 4-patches
You may remember, I am creating not one but TWO Allietares - one I'm keeping just for me ;-), and the other is being created as a 2016 fundraiser for our East Central IL QOV Group.

UPDATE 12/19/2015 - Second batch of 4-patches for Clue #3 for Allietare #2 complete:

Second batch of 4-patches ALL finished!
To see and enjoy what ALL the other Allietare Mystery Quilt participants are up to, Please follow this direct web link: http://quiltville.blogspot.com/2015/12/mystery-monday-link-up-part-3.html

For now, time to wrap a few, sew a few...;-)

Let the Allietare Mystery of 2015 Begin
Clue #1 of Bonnie Hunter's Allietare MQ
Clue #2 of Mystery Quilt Allietare
Clue #3 of Allietare Mystery Quilt
Clue #4 of the Holiday Mystery Quilt - Allietare
Clue #5 of the Allietare Mystery Quilt


  1. I am still thinking about starting this! But do I really need one more project? Of course not! Looking forward to seeing yours!

  2. Love that fabric under your four patches! I think I need some of that!!!

  3. Lovely little four patches, and the mystery continues.

  4. Came over to look at your fabrics. You're right, we do have some of the same fabrics! It will be interesting to see the difference in the final product.