Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Bordering out the New Year!

Miss Betty & I have taken a bit of a snooze for the beginning of this New Year as far as quilting goes BUT, that is about to change!  We've actually been super-busy trying to get a whole bunch of Quilts of Valor quilt tops finished up, bordered out and ready for quilting.  Here are a few we started out with.  You may recognize the first one - it's one of our Doris's from our December, 2015 East Central IL QOV meeting:

Doris's Camo Flag QOV quilt top - turned out really special, we think!
We knew as soon as we saw this QOV quilt top - designed and created by Doris herself, that it should be finished out w/matching fabrics in the borders:

Some of Moda's "Land of the Free Because of the Brave" fabrics
Sewing on those gorgeous border fabrics:

Adding the first RED marbled border to Doris's Camo Flag QOV
Next is a Quilt of Valor top created by another one of our Valued QOVF Volunteers, Patti.  We came up 11/2 yards short of the same color RED for the outside perimeter border and binding.  I've spent the better part of the past 6 months searching online/offline fabric shops trying to find this RED.

Last week while doing some New Year's sorting/cleaning of my personal fabric stash, I came across more than enough to finish!

Newly found RED to finish out this QOV of Patti's
And it turned out stunning, if I say so myself - just perfect!:

Patti's stunning bordered out Quilt of Valor top - all ready to be quilted!
The final one in this first group is one of my own creation.  Anyone who's followed my blog for ANY length of time knows I adore RED/White/Blue quilts and this one fits that bill nicely...including another fav, a touch of denim ;-)

Denim Stars & Stripes borders
And the finish of this neat Quilt of Valor top:

Denim Stars & Stripes QOV quilt top - soon to be quilted!
Finished up the QOV Mystery Quilt just last Friday:

Stars A Waving Mystery Quilt of Valor
And of course we're STILL working on the Allietare Mystery, one of which you'll remember will be used as one of our 2016 East Central IL QOV fundraisers:

48+ Gold Star Allietare blocks - just a few more to go!

These are just the first of MANY Quilt of Valor quilt tops that will be getting finished/bordered out and ALL ready to quilt over the next few weeks!

UPDATE 2/11/2016:  another NEAT finish of one of our Doris's Quilt of Valor quilt top:

Adding those borders!
Really like how this QOV turned out!
Another of our Doris's original pattern design for this Quilt of Valor ALL bordered out - turned out so eye-catching...love ALL the wonderful patriotic fabrics in this one:

Patriotic fabrics in this 'Doris Original' Quilt of Valor

For now, time to get back to it...

Btw - Happy Belated NEW Year!


  1. Beautiful quilts Deb,but it looks like you have been very busy NOT on a break! I started the second mystery of Alycia, I've always been one of those people who want to see it first. But I jumped into this one, started two, and want to do Flags A Waving too! What color will you bind Flags a Waving with. Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts.

    1. Thanks, Diana! I think because I/we get to create so many beautiful quilts throughout the year w/specific design and/or pattern, is why I soooo look forward to the annual mysteries. Takes ALL the stress and pressure off of me, and all I have to do is choose my fabrics, follow along and enjoy the process, which I do!

      I will be binding my Flags A Waving Quilt of Valor w/RED/White/Blue coordinating fabrics from this stunning Quilt of Valor designed by Alycia Carmin, at least that's the current plan. It could change, once it's quilted and sometimes does...we'll see...I'll post a pic when it ALL finished and labeled.

      That QOV and several others will be included in our annual QOV Veteran's Tribute quilt show later this year over the 2016 Veteran's Day Celebration.

      Thanks for stopping by, do come back for a visit again soon!

  2. busy as always. I will look forward to seeing them quilted. You seem to always make a quilt 'come to life' once it's quilted.

    1. Thank YOU, Miss Katie ;-)

      As do you, as well. You've had some wonderful quilting going on lately - I've been enjoying popping over to your blog and taking a leisurely stroll from time to time, just see what ALL you've been up to...you've been quite busy yourself!

      Thanks for taking the time to stop by, do come again soon!