Monday, February 29, 2016

Some Leap Day Finishes!

Thank goodness for this extra Leap Day to bring some much needed closure to several UFOs!

First in this finish line-up, another of our Doris's Quilt of Valor quilt top ALL bordered out:

One of our Doris's QOVs w/borders, ready to quilt!
Borders cut, sewn together and just pressed - enough to border out five (5) more QOV quilt tops:

Hanging borders, cooling off from just being pressed

Pressed border ready to be attached to 5 QOVs
Clues from #3 & #4 of our Quilt of Valor Mystery finished up, ready and waiting for Clue #5:

Quilt of Valor Mystery Clues
For now, there's come 'cool' borders ready to be attached ;-)

Happy Leap Day, EVERYONE!


  1. Deb, I'm just curious here ... Do you have a favorite way that you quilt the strip quilts? I've done loops and stars; all over swirls; vines and leaves... I always feel they need texture...

  2. Hey Miss Katie - why, Yes I do!

    I like to quilt a patriotic border in the 'central area' of the strip quilts, usually perpendicular to the strip design, i.e., I load the quilt 'sideways' to quilt. For the borders, I like to McTavish or feather the largest exterior borders, continuous swirl/Crazy 8s/toothpick quilting in the smaller outline/picture frame borders. Basically, I just like to quilt FUN into each quilt, while ensuring our quilting honors each and every Veteran.

    Thanks for asking and stopping by - great hearing from you ;-)

    1. I should have written - "I like to quilt a patriotic pantograph in the 'central area' of the Patriotic Strip quilts, usually perpendicular to the stripe design...and one of my favorite pantos is 'Random Stars' by Dave Hudson. My goal is to quilt at least 100 Veterans quilts with this pantograph, and I'm well on my way...Thanks for asking!

      Happy Quilting!