Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday Finishes

Squeezing in a few more Quilt of Valor finishes prior to Easter weekend on this Good Friday.  The latest is from our Doris - picked up 3 more QOV quilt tops from her earlier this week, all ready for borders!  This first one is one of my favorites, definitely has a 'nautical feel':

A 'Doris Original' QOV w/nautical look
This is typically how we receive many of our QOV quilt tops prior to bordering out:

QOV quilt top prior to adding borders
Borders are added to ensure each Quilt of Valor meets the Standards of Excellence set forth by

Adding the first border to this Quilt of Valor quilt top
Additional 'Before & After':




...After ;-)

Creating ALL these very special Quilts of Valor is certainly a TEAM effort, and none would ever be complete without ALL our incredible QOVF Volunteers and their unending efforts...Thank YOU!

And a special QOV request from our Doris, while she goes for shoulder replacement surgery.  Seems our Doris has been keeping a little secret - she has a dear BIL who has served in the military most of his life and she would like to have just one of her finished Quilts of Valor awarded to him, once she recovers.  I think we can accommodate that, don't you?  And here's that very special Quilt of Valor, bordered out and ALL ready for quilting:

Doris's special QOV request, one of her beloved Quilts of Valor quilt tops,
bordered out and ready to be quilted!

UPDATE 3/25/2016 - Another one makes 5:

One more completed QOV!

UPDATE 3/26/2016:  Two more complete just in time for Easter!

#6 QOV bordered out

#7 All complete, ready for quilting!

UPDATE 4/01/2016:  Just heard back from our Doris - she's starting to recover from her should surgery, been catching up on her reading, including the reading of our blogs ;-), and she's decided that completed QOV #7 would be a better choice for her Dear BIL.  NO worries, we can accommodate that choice for our very special Doris!  Quilting will soon to be posted in an upcoming blog posting.

Please join us in wishing our Doris a very speedy recovery.

Linking up w/Miss Katy over at KatyQuilts - her most recent creative quilt adventure is stunning! Definitely worth a 'look-see':

Happy Easter EVERYONE!

PS...more recent Quilt of Valor quilt tops bordered out, getting ready for quilting:


  1. they all look great with the addition of the borders. I occasionally leave borders off simply because I don't think the borders add to the quilt, but those strip quilts need that extra to give it the "I'm done" feel..

    1. Thanks, Miss Katie - I agree! I, too like to leave off borders whenever I can and the quilt is good without them. As a longarm quilter, I must admit to enjoying quilting most borders!

      Many of the Quilts of Valor quilt tops we receive are not quite the necessary QOV size. We usually need to 'border these quilt tops out' to ensure they meet the minimum size requirements set forth by the Quilts of Valor Foundation. Once bordered, we can stamp them Done!

      Great hearing from you - Thanks for stopping by ;-) Hope you and your family have a very Happy Easter!