Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Anyone?...w/Golden Bears ;-)

Once again - or are we on our 5th blizzard/snow/ice storm this winter?  I don't know, I've lost track!  Especially since I'm so busy scooping this white stuff, not too much time to count how many times it keeps coming down our way.  Maybe my golden bears/retrievers remember, let's see:

Golden bears/retrievers waiting for me to 'scoop' to the top of the stairs - it'll be awhile, there's 37...
Hey you guys - how many times have 'we' scooped these stairs to the quilting studio this winter...anybody?

Waiting for their treat after ALL their hard work...;-)

Baxter posing - who knew he was such a ham?!
And just look what was waiting for me when 'we' finally finished scooping - 2 wonderful Quilts of Valor just arrived in the mail today!

Gorgeous Log Cabin QOV - I'm thinking eagle feathers for this one, what do you think?
Can anyone say NICE?  Perfectly pieced, too!
Apparently those incredible Quirky Quilters of Clairellen's in Michigan, (got it right this time ;-), have been quite busy.  Looks like I better get busy doing the same myself...


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