Saturday, March 15, 2014

Finishing up QOV Quilt Tops on National Quilt Day 2014

Been needing to tie up a few loose ends and FINISH a few things in my quilting studio.  First on the Quilt To Do List - add borders to several of the jelly roll quilt tops we started constructing on National Quilts of Valor Sew Day on February 1, 2014.  Here's the start of those borders:

Sewing yards & yards of fabric strips to create borders for jelly roll QOVs
When all the bias seams are finished, time to attach to each side of the quilt top:
Attaching pieced border strip to quilt top - right sides together ;-)

Notice the bias seam that joins the two different border fabrics together has been pressed open to reduce bulk in the seam allowance and for ease in quilting.

'CAMO' QOV quilt top getting it's borders...
Here are some of the finished Quilts of Valor jelly roll quilt tops w/borders, pressed and all ready to be quilted:

CAMO Quilt Of Valor w/borders - ready to go onto the frame to be quilted

Patriotic jelly roll QOV tops w/borders:
Patriotic jelly roll QOV #1 w/outside blue border
Patriotic jelly roll QOV #2 w/outside red border
We now have four (4) Quilt of Valor jelly roll quilt tops ALL ready to go to the frame and get quilted - you'll remember our original top created to demonstrate what a jelly roll Quilt of Valor would look like and how to do it for our National QOV Sew Day:

Red/White/Blue jelly roll Quilt of Valor w/borders

I've been contemplating adding a giant embroidered eagle emblem to the center of this quilt top, still working out those details.  Probably won't add it until 'after' it's completely quilted - I'll keep you posted!

In the meantime, looks like it's time for yours truly to head off to the quilting frame on National Quilt Day...;-)

Happy Quilting!

PS...Want to see some amazing quilt 'eye candy'?  Take a virtual National Quilt Day Tour of quilts: at the largest quilt and fiber art museum in the world, The National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Ky.


  1. I really like the "Jelly Roll" quilts and I should do more of them! These are all very nice. I'm looking forward to seeing your quilting on them - you always do such nice work!

    1. Thank YOU! And, these jelly roll QOV quilts will not only serve a very worthwhile cause once finished and ready to 'report to duty'...they are just plain FUN to do ;-)