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Recent Photos of our National Sew Day
We LOVE Quilting
 And We LOVE our Vets!  That's why we ALL got together on our very first National Quilts of Valor Sew Day and started creating quilts for our Veterans.  The following are some of those memorable photos:
Two sewers busily working on their QOV quilt tops
Gettin' ready to sew - that's one happy sewer!
Everyone ALL hard at work
A real dedicated sewer here...
Time out for lunch!  (There really is a 6' long Subway on our serving buffet along w/wonderful treats ;-)
Sewing and snacking work well together...
Gettin' it done...FINALLY! ;-)

Demonstrations are good

Lots of sewing going on here!
Sewing her first strips together - yippee!!
Pressing quilt strips

Just finished sewing her strips together - YAY!

Patriotic jelly roll strips ALL sewn together like a giant kite tail!
Those are definitely her colors, don't you think?  Great job!!

Now that's a looooong strip!  WOW!!
We have a Winner of the Patriotic Jelly Roll Contest!  CONGRATS Phillip!!

We appreciate ALL our quilters and sewers – beginners to experienced, and each and EVERYONE stepped up to the plate and sewed their hearts out...Thank YOU!

And even a few non-sewers/quilters showed up to help out:
My youngest daughter, Jaclyn supervising one of our young sewers - even 'she' knows how to practice sew on lined paper!
A future QOV sewer running her first practice lines of stitching - great job, Melissa!
Superior Threads to be used on our QOV's - Thanks Superior!

Our beloved photo artist, Emily w/my youngest son, Brandon, recently married ;-)  Thank YOU, Emily!
A Huge/BIG/Ginormous Thank YOU to EVERYONE who helped make our very first National Quilts of Valor Sew Day the Best...See YOU next year - same time, same place!

For more information on how you can participate in the Quilts of Valor Foundation, Please follow this link to their national website: 

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