Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Look what the mailman just dropped off at my house...

He honked and I smiled 'cause I had a feeling something special might be in one of those packages my mailman was delivering to my house today and I was right!  Just look what was inside - another gorgeous Quilt of Valor from Clairellen those Quirky Quilters in Michigan:

Terri's QOV Star quilt top
Initially, when I first took it out of its wrapping from the box it came in, I had a few quilting ideas but...looking at it now in these pics, I can definitely see I will be changing up how this quilt is going to get quilted.  Aren't pictures great - brings a whole new perspective!

These log cabin background filler blocks were originally destined for 'another' type of quilting but now, as I mentioned, considering something very different.   

Won't these look great heavily McTavished?  Or maybe a swirl design fill...mmm...

Whichever gets chosen, should help make these stunning stars just Pop, don't you think?

Did this super-creative QOV quilt top creator know how to perform a surgical 'fussy cut' or what?  WOW!
I'm anxious to get started quilting this beauty but first, need to take a few more pics to help w/final quilting decisions...



  1. Anxiously waiting to see what you decide. Your quilting is always 'spot on'!

  2. Two artists, Deb and Terri, combining talents on this pretty Quilt of Valor. It'll be fun to see the result! Thanks to you both!