Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Toss-Up Tuesday...

Been adding borders to various quilts while waiting for the current wave of Spring storms to pass so I can get back to quilting on Betty again.  Here's a nice sun-shiney quilt I've wanted to quilt as a 'summer' quilt for one of our guest bedrooms:

'Summer' quilt top w/newly added sunshine yellow border - ready to be quilted
This quilt is begging for feathers in ALL those red squares:

Red center squares and red alternating blocks w/triangles should get some 'feathering'

...along w/borders should proved ample room for plenty of various feather quilting:

Blocks & Borders provide plenty of feathering real estate

And, was also able to finally finish up some pillow cases I had promised to some online quilting friends over at QFC.  Hopefully, once these storms pass, can get them in the mail on Wednesday so they'll have them in time for Easter ;-)

3 children's pillow cases destined for Easter...
For now, time for some shut-eye while it's no longer thundering!


PS...want to see some Quilt of Valor quilt tops that just got borders added to them, too?  Follow this direct link:  http://eastcentralilqov.blogspot.com/2014/04/borders-and-bindings-for-qovs.html


  1. Deb, I am going to look forward to see what you do with the quilt. I really need to practice more on all-over feathers. I love them yet rarely do them... Maybe with these donated quilts I received from Barb J. (QFC), I get some practicing done....
    Love the pillowcases. All the different fabrics I've seen really make me smile.
    Hope your storms pass quickly. Sure has been some bad weather in that part of the country. I complain (a little) about how dry it is, but at least we don't have the severe storms.... I guess we have blessings in everything.....

    1. Thanks, Miss Katie!
      Looking forward to quilting this one but...it's on the waiting list - have at least 7 quilts ahead of this one in my quilt queue, just need these storms to pass so it's safe to run my Betty! In the meantime, getting LOTS of sewing done on one of my vintage Singers ;-)

      Happy Quilting to you, too - sounds like you'll be staying busy as well w/donated quilt tops. I'll have to 'stop by' and check out what you've been up to...