Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Starting April off right w/some FUN quilting techniques on a QOV

A different quilting approach seemed in order for this particular Quilt of Valor:
First quilting pass - lookin' good so far
Ruler work, McTavishing, and a Star Spangled Delight digital panto from urbanelementz.com, sized to 8.3" is working great.  My first panto pass is never my best but...it's pretty good on this one.

Star Spangled Delight panto - first pass
Ruler Work in striped border:

Ruler work in striped Liberty border w/McTavishing in red solid borders
Side border w/McTavishing
McTavishing red side border
Superior's Rainbows Patriotic thread really shows up great in the red borders w/McTavish quilting, doesn't it?

Haven't made a final quilting decision on what to do in the white perimeter borders yet, still pondering.  I'm thinkin' I'll just do them altogether after I've finished up everything else.  Surely the quilt or quilting will let me know what needs to be in there by then ;-).

To see how this one got pieced, follow this link:  http://eastcentralilqov.blogspot.com/2014/04/putting-together-special-quilt-of-valor.html 

UPDATE 4/29/2014:  this neat Lady Liberty Quilt of Valor coming off the frame:

Lady Liberty QOV coming off the frame
Added alternating swirls/McTavishing/ and ruler work in piano key borders

Well, if it wasn't storming...again...I'd go back to quilting!  Just gettin' started when the latest storm decided to blow in early...Oh well, I've got some quilt blocks to finish.



  1. Really nice, Deb. I'm sure you'll have that quilt talking to you and it's be gorgeous when completed!

  2. Thanks, Miss Katie! Still waiting on this current band of storms to move through so I can get back to quilting - but I have some blocks to make, borders to attach, pillow cases to get into the mail and...sounds a bit like what you've been up to, doesn't it? ;-)

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by - don't know how you had time w/everything you've been up to!

    Take care - see you again soon, I hope...