Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Betty Boop Quilting Studio Update and...Happy Halloween!

Finally starting to show some significant progress on the Betty Boop Quilting Studio:

ALL quilting books and magazines sorted and shelved...YES!
You may remember, it seems like I/we've been building these three 4' x 8' shelving units for a century - I referred to them in this blog posting: Around The World Blog Posting..., and I am happy to FINALLY be able to say they are ALL finished, assembled in place and up-righted w/help of my youngest daughter, Jaclyn, and her daughter, my DGD, Jade...Thank YOU, ladies!

ALL 3 shelving units in place...Yippee!

Civil War BOMs and accompanying fabrics are now happily organized
and in their rightful places waiting for construction

The third shelving unit is still awaiting ALL the fabrics it will eventually hold -
many of these black baskets will hold batiks, some of my very favorite fabrics to work with ;-)
I've started organizing the batiks but, in case you thought I might be getting finished up well...

There's still plenty to do - this will eventually be a kitchenette,
once ALL fabrics are sorted and shelved
We have 'some' of the kitchen stuff in place, but the main cabinetry and stove have to wait until I finish up the rest of the organization...hopefully by next week!

Embroidery station
Eventually, I need to put a cabinet and/or shelving in this area, for now this will work ;-)

Updated ruler/template area - it's much more organized w/bobbin winder it!

Media area for watching quilting videos.
See my cutting mat temporarily stored behind this media center ;-)
And for now, time to get back to the actual quilting - I have 4 quilts to finish by next week!

McTavishing the patriotic RED border w/King Tut Freedom
Veteran quilting getting finished up later today...
I still need to put together a brand-new cherry/walnut sewing cabinet I've had for months for my 'red' Janome sewing machine, which is on a temporary table for now, and also a cutting station - just got the 'other' wooden work bench delivered yesterday.  Came up w/'brilliant idea' to put two wooden work benches together back-to-back w/additional top for cutting surface.  IF I can get current quilt tops finished up I will begin construction...I'll keep you posted on how this goes...;-)

Happy Halloween from 'Miss Betty' and me!



  1. Replies
    1. Thank YOU, Clairellen!

      So glad to FINALLY start to get finished...Whew!!

      So good to see you - Take Care,

  2. Lots of work but think about how wonderful a space you'll have. I will never, ever be organized... I say I am organized confusion because "I know it's in here somewhere."

    1. LOL – sounds familiar! While I ‘may’ get organized, it won’t stay that way for long – too many projects to do and not enough time to keep them ALL nice and tidy. Nice to do from time to time but this organize Marathon has been going on for over two years since the contractor from he** showed up! At least starting to see light at the end of a loooong tunnel and that feels great!

      During my most recent fabric sorting the other day, I came across a box that Cathy B. had sent me more than a year ago I think. Soooo, not to let good fabric go to waste – I will need to be making you and your group a few quilts each year just to make that fabric count ;-)

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Miss Katy – I so enjoy hearing from you…