Saturday, March 14, 2015

Back to quilting on a QOV...

Finally bid the cold and snow w/scooping Good Bye and got back to quilting.  This time on Miss Betty I, since Betty II had to go to the longarm hospital for a spell - hopefully, she'll be back real soon!  In the meantime, Miss Betty 1 and I are getting re-acquainted quilting another of Doris's QOVs:

Miss Betty I back to quilting a QOV
And she didn't do too badly, once we got in the 'quilting groove' together ;-)

McTavishing in the flag borders

...and some of those Jamie Wallen swirls in the red star borders
I always enjoy looking at backs and this one turned out almost perfect:

Tension/stitch quality doesn't get much better than this -
LOVE it when this happens, don't you?!  WTG Miss Betty 1!
Turned out pretty neat, we think:

Another winning Quilt of Valor by Doris...Congrats!
And while Miss Betty 1 and I are enjoying our quilting time together, I'm still quietly pining away for Betty 2:

Betty 2 on the left, aka HQ Avante and
Miss Betty 1, HQ16 on the right - the first and still adored ;-)
just don't tell Miss Betty 1 or we might have 'issues'!  And we certainly don't have time for that!!  Hopefully, Betty 2 will get to come home sometime next week...

In the meantime, time for more quilting!


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  1. Oh, No! So sorry to hear about troubles with Betty 2. Hope she is home again soon! This just shows a really good reason to have a back up long arm.....wonder if hubby will by this! The quilt of Valor is lovely! Great quilting!