Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Magic 8s used to create a very special QOV

I knew as soon as I first saw Lisa's striking Quilt of Valor she created to honor her WW II Veteran Father, aptly named - Ray's All American Stars and Stripes, I just had to create my own version. Here are the three gorgeous Valor fabrics I've chosen:

Red/White/Blue Valor fabrics
After going through Lisa's detailed QOV pattern instructions, I knew I could adapt much of it to one of my very favorite methods of creating half-square triangles/HSTs, which Lisa instructs EVERYONE to do with ALL her gorgeous quilt adapt them to suit you and your favorite sewing/quilting techniques...Perfect!

ALL 10 Red/Blue squares sewn together, ready to be cut!

Sewn squares cut cross-ways AND through the centers vertically & horizontally
Eight Magic 8 HSTs - ready for the reveal?

8 HSTs ready to have those dog ears trimmed off
Just one little teensy-weensy problem.  I misread one of the instructions.  Where 2 1/2" HSTs are required, I calculated for 3 1/2" HSTs...oops!  And I didn't catch my mistake until AFTER I had cut ALL the Magic 8 squares, sewn, cut, pressed, taking photos, Hmmmm, something is amiss here. These photographed HSTs, while looking gorgeous, look very LARGE!

Indeed - they are 1" TOO LARGE!  Holy cow!! sigh, time to trim more than dog ears!

ALL 76 Red/blue 3 1/2" HSTs trimmed to proper 2 1/2" - that was sooo much FUN ;-)
 Now, they do indeed measure exactly 2 1/2":

2 1/2" Red/Blue HST trimmed and ready to be assembled
As I mentioned earlier, I am creating my own version of this gorgeous Quilt of Valor, which includes adding Red/Blue HSTs to the centers of ALL nine of the 8" stars, which added 36 HSTs to the grand total.

These are my Magic 8 calculations so far. (Originally, I cut 8" squares for the 2 1/2" HSTs, which created those 3 1/2" HSTs...UGH.)  Please use at your own risk!  I will update this blog posting w/pics and calculations as I proceed through this QOV quilt pattern...Thanks!

6" Magic 8 squares for 2 1/2" HSTs - seventy-six (76) Red/Blue, thirty-two (32) Red/White:

  • 14 Red
  • 10 Blue
  • 4 white
Magic 8 Formula used to achieve my final calculations:  Determine the FINISHED size of the HSTs.  In this case = 2" FINISHED/sewn into quilt block.  Add 1" to finished size. Multiply result by 2.  This result equals the size of the Magic 8 cut block.  In simplified terms 2" + 1" = 3" x 2 = 6"

10" Magic 8 squares for 4 1/2" HSTs - sixteen (16) Red/White and forty (40) Blue/White:
  • 2 Red
  • 5 Blue
  • 7 White
Magic 8 Forumula for 4 1/2" HSTs, 4" FINISHED so, 4" + 1" = 5" x 2 = 10" 

For additional info on the Magic 8 Formula w/pics from the 'originator', Please visit her blog:

Lisa's beautiful Quilt of Valor is now hanging in the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY until November, 2015, when ALL the Quilts of Valor currently being displayed, will be awarded to our very deserving Veterans and Service Members during a special Veteran's Day Tribute.  Additional info may be found by following this direct blog link: 

Lisa with her stunning Quilt of Valor at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY
A BIG Thank You goes out to Lisa for generously sharing her very special Quilt of Valor pattern, Ray's All American Stars and Stripes with us...Thank YOU, Lisa!

Time to get back to the business of trimming...


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