Monday, June 26, 2017

It was a Good Day!

It's a Good Day when I get to quilt and embroider and sew - ALL in the same day!

First the quilting:

Another QOV coming off the frame

This quilt just quilted out beautifully - maybe it's because I'm getting comfortable w/E2E quilting with a computer, I don't know but, I do know - another QOV quilted without nary a hitch ;-)

A close-up of this quilting w/Gold Glide thread in the needle:

Stars & Bars quilted out in Gold

and the back in Silver:

Quilting pattern shows up even better on the back in Silver bobbin thread

Once the quilting was finished, time to embroider our East Central IL QOV Group's quilt badge:

Embroidering our East Central IL QOV quilt badge

Just nine (9) more to go for the current batch of Quilts of Valor we now have ready for quilt labeling!

East Central IL QOV quilt badge -
one goes on EACH one of our Group's QOVs

Once the binding is complete, will be time to start sewing on quilt badges and labels.  Time to get back to it!


1 comment:

  1. Fantastic Deb! Love the quilting and the badge is amazing. You ALWAYS do such fabulous art.
    ~ Christina in FL