Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Looky-look what I got in the mail...

Just look what I found in my mailbox - can anyone say 'Too CUTE?!'

 There are a total of 8 of these adorable appliqued critters ;-)

or 'Totally AWESOME?!'
 8 embroidered AWESOME horse blocks 
w/coordinating horse fabric pieced blocks!

Those creative ladies over at Quilters for Comfort (QFC), continually amaze me with their talent, and especially their generosity, and the wonderful lady who sent these to me, Nancy H. of QFC, is no exception.

I mean seriously, would you spend all the time it takes to embroider and applique 16 large quilt blocks, piece together the corresponding filler blocks AND send/contribute matching fabrics too boot, All to be stitched together into tops and quilted so the final quilts can be donated to some lucky child/person?

I know many of you do and I commend you and Thank YOU for your tireless efforts - they are much more appreciated than you'll ever know.  For me personally, the rewards are limitless.

Speaking of which, time for me to get busy.  I need to finish up two in-the-works projects before I can even think about piecing these adorable quilt tops together, including Easy Street, which is coming together nicely, pics will be up soon - hopefully by the weekend so I can get started on these neat tops.  And I'm more than anxious to do just that 'cause my head is whirling away with ideas of how these 2 tops can come together and then the FUN/quilting begins...YES! I always say...time to get back to it...

PS...I almost forgot...Thank YOU, Nancy H. of QFC ;-)

PSS...Check out 'Putting QFC Quilt Tops Together for Missouri Boys Home...' to see how these blocks came together in their quilts ;-)


  1. Looking forward to seeing another awesome quilt! And I agree, the QFC group (which includes you!) is the most amazing people I've ever met.

  2. Well Thank YOU, Miss Katie,
    And as EVERYONE knows, you and Ms. Cathy are the main driving forces behind Quilters for Comfort - without you 2 there wouldn't be a QFC, so I Thank YOU for All your unbelievable generosity, amazing creativity, and industrious efforts ;-).

    My Best to You and Yours in 2013,