Sunday, January 13, 2013

Finishing Up Part VII of Easy Street

Got some extra sewing time w/ice storm coming in, so decided to get productive and work on Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street Mystery Quilt - Part VII to be exact ;-)

First of 12 pieced #2 triangles

         Pressed and pruned back of #1 pieced triangle

Two of the 4 pieced #1 triangles 
(I got the other two finished up after pics)

Chain piecing the triangles                       

It occurred to me this would make a great leaders and enders piecing project soooo...., quickly cut a few more of those cheddar bow ties I've had in storage for the past couple of months and got busy piecing those while piecing each row of the triangle blocks - got quite a few pieced too ;-)

Leaders & Enders piecing my cheddar bow ties w/triangle blocks

              This is what got finished just today...

and what I have to date - so far there are over 400+ bow ties in this 5 qt. ice cream bucket,
more than half-way to my final goal of 750, looks like I'm going to need another bucket soon ;-)

UPDATE January 14, 2013:  Completed 9 of the 12 #2 triangles so far and should finish up the rest this evening.  I'll post pics prior to moving on to Easy Street Part VIII:

And here they ALL are - (4) #1 corner triangles AND
(12) #2 perimeter triangles

Did you just see what I just saw?  Where's all my critical-eye folks/quilters??  While admiring this pic for like, I don't know, at least the 10th time, I just noticed something.  Check out the lower third triangle, left side - one of the foursies is turned wrong, I know because I see a white-on-black 1 1/2" square peaking out where a charcoal grey should be! Aaarrgh!!  And I checked these triangles multiple times while pressing and pruning, prior to taking pics and posting, and patted myself on the back when I read of others having to rip...not me, I said to myself, I checked, double-checked, and triple-checked!!!

Well, there's nothin' left to say or write, time to rip and re-stitch and join my fellow Easy Street-ers who've already done the same, looks like I'm in very fine company. ;-)

And now, time to get back to it!

PS...Don't forget to check out ALL the Easy Street Mystery Quilt participants, their gorgeous fabric choices and progress here:

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